Friday, February 26, 2016

Review: Blue Isle Mediterranean French Onion Yogurt Spread

So here we are.  The final Blue Isle review out of the batch of free products that Blue Isle so graciously sent me to try out.  There were a couple of flavors that I didn't review, but this 8.0 ounce container of Blue Isle Mediterranean French Onion Yogurt Spread will be the fourth and last that I take a look at (unless they send me more).  They've been successful so far, so I was very anxious to give this one a try.  Before I jump into the review, I'll get the nutritional stuff out of the way:  this one has eight servings that are each sized as two tablespoons.  Within each of those servings are 70 calories and one gram of protein.

I've covered many times how Blue Isle promotes these as multi-purpose spreads and I think it's pretty obvious that this one is supposed to be used specifically as a dip to compete with the classic French Onion dip.  This one is supposedly healthier than the party favorite and being that I'm often standing next to the French Onion dip at parties (and devouring it), I was very anxious to try it out.  Before I get into the flavor, I'll describe it.  This was a very creamy spread that had small bits of dried onions and lots of garlic and parsley specks of seasoning spread throughout.  It smelled strongly of garlic and onion, so from a presentation perspective, this one hit a home run.

Being that I wanted to taste this in its pure form and not mixed with a chip or whatever, I dipped my spoon in and what I got was a spoonful a pure heaven.  A bit more tart than typical French Onion dip due to it being yogurt, this was still a more than reasonable facsimile of the real thing.  Alternating onion, garlic and parsley flavor all poured into this giving it some herb-y and spicy bite.  The dip itself was also creamy, so it really nailed it on all factors.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If you are looking for a "healthy" alternative to the real thing, this Blue Isle French Onion spread is a definite must have.  It was delicious and addicting and that gets this a BUY IT rating.  After my initial taste test, I started putting this on veggies and also pretzel crisps and it was just as good.  A true winner all around.


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