Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: That's it. Apple + Apricot Bar

I've finally run out of That's it. samples that I've been repeatedly drilling for reviews.  While not the most glamorous of all bars, they've certainly done the job so far and it is with that positive attitude that I head into this final review of the That's it. Apple + Apricot Bar.  Like the other diminutive bars, this one only clocks in at 1.2 ounces and has a pittance of calorie count in that it only registers at 100 calories.  The protein is also a pittance as it has a lonely single gram of protein.  The bar itself is also all natural, gluten free, kosher, raw and vegan.

One apple and three apricots...that's it.  So, those ingredients are blended together to get the dark and sticky puree that you see above.  There were chunks of each fruit among the soft, sticky puree and the bar itself did carry a smell of both apple and apricot.  That's it.

Biting down into this, it was a bit more tart that I would have expected, especially since I've eaten several of these.  There was some sweetness, but the tartness of both fruits carried the day here and it was almost to the point that I thought it might be too tart.  Fortunately the sweetness of the bar, which was somewhat minimal, did just enough to save the flavor and make this one a solid treat.

Buy It or Fly By It?  There's not a lot to say on this one because it was essentially one flavor, much like most of the the That's it. bars.  It's serviceable and tasty enough for me to give this a BUY IT rating.  If you are needing a snack or just have that craving for something tart, which I know can pop up from time-to-time, then this is a bar that you'll want to consider seeking out and purchasing.


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