Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Review: Yoplait Plenti Black Cherry Plentiful Greek Yogurt

I'm going to jump ahead a little bit as I tackle yet another Yoplait Plenti review with something that really focuses on what you'll see in the photo after the jump.  Apparently Yoplait (General Mills) has decided to join the "Keep Calm and ______" movement and add the tagline to the underside of top of their yogurt containers.  I can't tell you how insane that drive me.  The "Keep Calm and Carry On" slogan has an interesting history, but some marketer took it and used it for other purposes.  Then other marketers thought this was a good idea and here were are today with that slogan spread EVERYWHERE and way overused.  It drives me insane to the point where it actually makes me angry and I rant on a food blog about it where no one cares.  All over a goofy little slogan.  And...wait...I'm just going to stop here before I go off the deep end and get into the review.  Anyway, I picked up this single serving container of Yoplait Plenti Black Cherry Plentiful Greek Yogurt at Kroger for $1.00 and it comes in at 5.3 ounces packed in with 140 calories and twelve grams of protein.

As you can see in the photo above. the aforementioned label is present in the photo.  I've already opined on that, so I'll just get to the rest of this.  The container of Greek yogurt itself is a semi-creamy Greek yogurt that is interspersed with bits of cherry, oats, flax and pumpkin seeds.  None of them are overly prevalent, but all are certainly represented.  I will point out that compared to the others, the amount of oat clumps/clusters in this does not seem to be as much.  Not a big deal in the long run, but instead just an observation when I'm comparing all the varieties.  This could have been just this container though and any other container would have plentiful oat clumps.  As for the had a faint smell of sweet cherry, but that's about it.

My first spoonful of this provided mild, but nice cherry flavoring.  It was initially sweet and maintained a non-sweet cherry taste throughout.  All in all, that cherry flavor was pretty basic though.  What really made this interesting was that it seemed that the seeds seemed to have more of a presence in this and they made it quite grainy to chew through.  That disparity in texture made this kind of fun because in the past, it was primarily yogurt and then clumps of oats.  It was different this time.  They didn't bring a ton of flavor, as I'd expect, but they did bring more texture.  The little mini cherries spread throughout also added a bit of chewy texture, but not a ton.

Buy It or Fly By It?  There's not a lot to say here other than the texture was kind of fun and the flavor delivered as I would have expected it to, especially since this a product of mega manufacturers Yoplait and General Mills.  It was tasty enough that I'll give this a BUY IT rating.  If you are out in the store looking for a SAFE flavor with some texture, this is certainly a good option.


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