Friday, December 11, 2015

Review: Love Grown Foods Strawberry Raspberry Hot Oats

People do a lot of things in life in the name of love.  Make sacrifices, do nice things, etc.  Well, apparently there's a group of people out there that like to grow food in the name of love (apparently oats are quite the loving food) and because of that, led to another Love Grown Foods review as I take a look at this cup of Love Grown Foods Strawberry Raspberry Hot Oats.  I was able to pick it up at Kroger for around $1.50 (can't remember the exact price) and each container of gluten free Love Grown Foods Strawberry Raspberry Hot Oats comes in at 2.22 ounces and has 230 calories and seven grams of protein.

I live Love Grown Food's description here:  "Love Grown Foods® Hot Oats cups make healthy eating easy, convenient, and affordable. Sweetened with hint of brown sugar and freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries, this single serve cup is full of flavor, fiber, and protein – all things your body will LOVE."  They are really hitting on the love thing, eh?  Anyway, I can confirm that there were several freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries in here, but don't you think that they'd want to leave the "freeze-dried" portion out of the product description and just say strawberries and raspberries?  I don't know about you, but seeing "freeze-dried" doesn't exactly warm up my taste buds.  I will say that even though they were freeze-dried, those berries were impressively sized.  I'll give Love Grown Foods some credit for that because I didn't expect that at all.

I took my first spoonful of this and I was greeted by the immediate zing of the freeze-dried raspberries (I'll stop harping on the freeze-dried part) followed by some sweetness from the strawberries and brown sugar.  After that initial pop, the oatmeal then tamed everything down.  What was interesting/sad was that all the flavor came in one immediate and brief shot and then became mostly boring the rest of the way.  Once I got past that initial flavor, there was really nothing here and with each passing spoonful, I got more and more tired of the initial zing that was being provided and it became bothersome.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Nice idea and the initial shot of flavor was exciting, but it just didn't hold up in the end and turned into a boring product.  Because of that, I've got to give this a FLY BY IT rating.  I struggle with that because this did have flavor, it just wasn't properly balanced and constructed.  Maybe it was just the container I got and this would be fine in other containers, but I've got to go off my first impression for each review.


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