Monday, September 21, 2015

Review: Ehrmann Mixim Fat-Free Greek Yogurt with Blueberry and Chocolate Chip Cookies Bites

There's several notable things about today's review.  First, this is the first review of an Ehrmann product on this blog.  Second, the name of this product is trying to be really cute by referring to its ability to mix ingredients together with the cute name of "Mixim."  Third, I think this might be the longest product name that I've ever put in as a review.  Usually, I try to shorten the product names to not include fat-free, etc., but as I was looking at the label for this, the elongated product name was integral to the name of the product in general, in my opinion.  With that, I begin this review of the single serving container of Ehrmann Mixim Fat-Free Greek Yogurt with Blueberry and Chocolate Chip Cookies Bites that I picked up at Kroger for $1.29.  It's 5.3 ounces and within the three compartments are 150 calories and ten grams of protein that are all made together with natural ingredients.

The first thing I noticed when I grabbed this out of the case at Kroger was that the container was shaped like a heart.  Too bad it's not shaped like a brain, because if I had half a brain, I would have taken the product photo of this with the container facing with the proper orientation instead of having it upside.  I guess you could say that my photo is a distressed heart (like a flag that flies upside down).  Ehrmann states on their website that the container is heart-shaped for "Convenient heart-shaped package for on-the-go snacking."  I'm not so sure about that.  Anyway, within the compartments were the Greek yogurt (slightly watery), the blueberry compote/jam that was very thick and had several blueberry chunks and then lastly the decently-sized chocolate chip cookies bites, which were a bit harder and more solid than I would have expected.  I will note that the blueberry component had a strong (and wonderful) smell of blueberry emanating from it and I very much enjoyed that.

My first test was of the Greek yogurt itself and while it was watery, it tasted pretty much like any Greek yogurt that I'd expect.  Not overly tart or sour; it was just basic stuff.  Next were the chocolate chip cookie bites and they were crunchier and drier than I would have expected.  Not a big deal, but usually small bites like this have a soft texture, so this was a change of pace from what I expected.  The flavor was very basic and not particularly sweet, but there was nothing objectionable about them.  Next, I went after the blueberry mix and this was the hero of the day.  Sweet and tangy, this was everything I'd want something blueberry flavored to be.  It was delicious.  Lastly, I collapsed (or mixim'd up) the two corners of the heart into the main heart compartment for quite the mix.  The added ingredients did thicken this up a bit, but it was still fairly loose.  What was semi-disappointing was that the yogurt kind of canceled out the strength of the blueberry flavor and made it not as potent.  Still tasty, but not what I was expecting.  The cookie bites were more there for texture and while the yogurt did soften them up a bit, they were still mostly crunchy.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This was just a solid performer.  Not delicious, but flavored enough that I did did enjoy the heartfelt eating experience.  For that, I give this a BUY IT rating even though I did not heart it (I'm so witty).  If you see this on your shelves, it would not be a bad pickup, even with the overly goofy and long product name.


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