Monday, July 27, 2015

Review: Yoplait Whips! Cherry Cheesecake Yogurt

It's frequently hard for me to tell whether I've reviewed a product or not and instead of doing the proper thing (checking the website first), I rely on my memory to recall whether I've reviewed a product or not.  As I found out recently with a bunch of CLIF bars that I bought, that memory is often faulty and I ended up buying things that I have reviewed before.  Oops.  I ran into that situation recently when I went in to Marsh armed with a coupon for a free cup of Yoplait yogurt.  As I was perusing the yogurt case, I was unsure of what flavors I had reviewed before in my deep catalog of Yoplait reviews.  Even with that uncertainty in my head, I decided to take a game and hope that I had not reviewed this Yoplait Whips! Cherry Cheesecake Yogurt before.  Fortunately, I hadn't and here we are today.  Anyway, I picked up this Whips! (mousse-like yogurt) for free as I mentioned and the yogurt cup itself comes in at 4.0 ounces and has 140 calories with five grams of protein.

Having had one of the Whips! products before, I knew that this would have a mousse-like light and fluffy texture before I even opened.  The fact that the container said that elped me figure that out as well.  Yep, I'm pretty bright and observant.  Anyway, the light and fluffy yogurt had a pinkish color and smelled mostly of cherry, but ever so slightly of cheesecake.  That was nice.  Outside of that, there's not a ton left to say as this was a pretty basic composition and turned out as I would expected.

In terms of flavor, it turned out pretty much as I would have expected as well and that was perfectly fine.  The expectation was that I'd get something that had cherry and cheesecake taste as the named displayed and this definitely had that.  While the cherry was the clear winner in the smell of this, there was a very nice balance of both cherry and cheesecake in each spoonful.  It was also airy due to the fluffiness of the yogurt, so that was a nice change of pace from actual cheesecake which can sometimes be too dense.  As for the strength of those flavors, both were mild and extremely pleasant.  The cherry was fruity and the cheesecake was well, umm...cheesecake (minus the crust part of course).

Buy It or Fly By It?  All in all, nothing special about this but a solid performer.  If I were to draw a baseball analogy, I would say that this is a guy that hits .280 with no power, but fields well.  Never going to be an all-star, but a good guy to have on your team when you need him in a pinch to fill in as a hitter or fielder.  For that, I will give this a BUY IT rating.  Pleasant and smooth, this was worth it.


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