Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review: Steve's PaleoGoods Dried Strawberries

Since I'm a celebrity now and get interviewed for other blogs, I feel I'm fully entitled to brag about the vast benefits of writing for this blog.  So, let me brag for a minute about how great it is to get free sampler packs from food manufacturers.  People view me as an influencer and since I'm such a great writer...actually, I'm bored with this bragging already...back to the regular format.  Anyway, a representative from Steve's PaleoGoods reached out to me and about three business days later a sampler pack arrived on my doorstep.  Today's review is the first out of that pack as I'm taking a look at this package of Steve's PaleoGoods Dried Strawberries.  Now, this may seem like something boring to review, but I'll get to why I chose to put this on the site in a couple moments (other than to thank Steve's for the free products).  So, this package is 6.0 ounces and within it are six one ounce servings and each serving is 93 calories.

I'm sure you first thought was, "why is this guy reviewing strawberries?"  Well, there's a good reason.  These weren't just tiny, depressed looking dried fruits like Craisins, these were HUGE dried strawberries!  They even had the little seeds sticking to the sides!  Yeah, they are overinflated with Apple Juice concentrate to make them bigger, but I don't really care.  They were big and had wonderful smell.  Yeah, that could almost sound like, well...never mind.

Biting into these plump strawberries was outstanding.  Juicy, chewy, grainy (from the seeds), sweet, tangy...they had it all.  Great strawberry flavor and the fact that I'm getting so gushy over dried strawberries is pretty absurd.  I get that.  Anyway, they were large and they were sweet and I'm drifting again...anyway, the only thing missing from these versus actual strawberries was the strawberry juice squirting all over my shirt. And honestly, I think I like these more than I like actual strawberries because the flavor of these is so potent and so much strawberry all at once.

Buy It or Fly By It?  It took everything I had to not destroy the entire bag at once because I knew I'd be upset that I finished them all in one sitting and could not go back to them later.  In a rare moment of restraint, I stretched this bag into multiple experience, so I'm proud of that.  Steve's PaleoGoods should be proud of these too because they are awesome and definitely get a BUY IT rating from this celebrity, I mean, Crazy Food Dude.


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