Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review: Pure Organic Cranberry Orange Bar

Today is a seminal moment here on the blog.  It's the last review out of an out of control Fresh Thyme splurge that I made a couple months ago.  I've finally reached the bottom of the barrel in terms of products that I threw into that barrel (I'm not referencing quality at all...well, at least not yet).  Today, I'll be reviewing another Pure Product when I take a look at this Pure Organic Cranberry Orange Bar that I picked up for $1.89.  This one clocks in at 1.7 ounces and has 200 calories with six grams of protein.  It's all natural, gluten free, organic and vegan as well.  Before I hop into the review, I want to drop this little nugget from Pure's website:  "You’ll like our Cranberry Orange Bar so much, you might do a little dance as you chew."  LOL.  Classic.

Out of the wrapper, this bar was quite soft and pliable.  It also had a plethora of dried cranberries that were spread throughout and as you can hopefully see in my picture above, they were quite large.  Not quite as large, but also spread throughout were a mix of almonds and walnuts, so that was fun to see from a texture perspective.  The bar was a date puree, which caused it's softness and it also had some orange smell, which is good considering it's one of the named flavors.  About those named flavors...the ingredient list had orange peel as an ingredient, so that is good.  One other thing that it had was "orange flavor."  Umm...okay.  Shouldn't an ingredient just be oranges?  Bizarre.  Anyway...

I took my first bite of this soft and chewy bar and that date puree gave me the mouthfeel that I've come to expect from the countless date puree bars that I've had throughout this blog's history.  Within that date puree was some nice nut graininess that had a surprising, although not strong, burst of walnut flavor.  It also had some strong, but still pleasant (to me), orange flavoring that gave it some zest in each bite that lingered a bit.  There was minimal sweetness and tang from the cranberries, but it wasn't overwhelming and the orange flavor is what kind of won the day here.  What was weird though is that the cranberry and nut flavor was noticeable, but it was strangely flat, especially compared to the orange.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I could see this bar being a bit too much orange and zest flavor for some and that would turn them off.  This one toed that line for me, but it safely stayed on the appetizing side and for that, I'll give this a BUY IT rating.  Certainly not an outstanding bar, but a zesty and interesting one that is not something that you'd want to throw in the garbage can and/or turn down.


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