Friday, April 17, 2015

Review: Joyva Sesame Crunch Bar

I've opined countless times how much I love browsing the clearance section at just about every single store I visit.  Grocery stores, clothing stores, etc.  I love them all.  Anyway, it's that fascination with clearance sections that allowed me to spot this Joyva Sesame Crunch Bar in the clearance section at Kroger for $0.49.  I don't know the regular price, but I do know that I love picking things up for less than half a dollar.  This new blog entrant weighs in at 1.125 ounces and has 190 calories and a minimal two grams of protein.  It's also all natural, gluten free and kosher, but based on the composition of the bar itself, that might be the only healthy things that I can say about it as it appears to me that this is more sweets bar than health bar.

Taking this out of the wrapper, it was obvious that this bar was immediately sticky which should come as no surprise as honey is one of the main ingredients.  Actually, there's only four ingredients in this bar:  sesame seeds, honey, sugar and corn syrup.  Outside of the sesame seeds, it's clear that this bar is definitely going for the sweet/candy like appeal.  The bar definitely smelled of sweet honey and was packed with a ton of sesame seeds.  Outside of the fact that it was thin and brittle, there's not a lot of other things to say about this as it was a pretty simple composition.

Biting into this, it was definitely brittle and dissipated quickly, very similar to a piece of peanut brittle.  The presence of the sesame seeds and the brittleness of the bar then made this one very crunchy and grainy to chew.  The first flavor I noticed once I got a chance to start chewing was that of the honey/sugar, which made this bar quite rich and sweet to me.  I enjoyed that quite a bit.  After that, I noticed a bit of toasted sesame seed flavor, but it wasn't particularly strong.  All in all, this bar (to me) was rich sweetness with a hint of toasted flavor.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I was questioning whether this was candy going in and after tasting it, it is clear that this bar is definitely candy.  I guess you could say it's semi-healthy being that it's vegan, gluten free, etc,, but that's a pretty weak argument.  Either way, I definitely enjoyed this and wanted more, so this gets a BUY IT rating.  Not sure why Kroger had this on clearance, but if you see this bar there or anywhere else, it's worth picking up.


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