Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! Vanilla Cupcake Yogurt Mousse

I love me some freebies and it's clear that Yoplait is trying to get the word out about their new Whips! line of Greek yogurt mousses because they offered this as a freebie outside of the typical Free Friday Download program at Kroger.  I did get this via the Kroger app, but it was just a separate "coupon" that was thrown out there, so that was nice.  With that, I snatched this container of Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! Vanilla Cupcake Yogurt Mousse out of the dairy case for a review to add to my big Yoplait collection.  It's the same size container as a typical Greek yogurt, but since this is a mousse, it's much lighter and comes in at only 4.0 ounces.  Within that lighter container is 100 calories and nine grams of protein.

So, I took off the cover of this and WOW, there was just about nothing to look at here.  Plain white Greek yogurt mousse and that's it.  It did have the expected fluffy mousse texture, but that was it.  Also, it did smell a bit of vanilla and cupcake, so in terms of representing the named ingredients, it was all there.  It was just exceptionally boring to look at.

I took my first spoonful and the texture was as I would have expected having eaten these mousse products before.  Light, fluffy and airy.  There was nothing heavy (literally and figuratively) about any of these spoonfuls.  In terms of flavor, it was pretty much just like the smell.  Some vanilla, some cupcake but not a lot of either.  If I had to judge and I guess I do since this is a food review blog, I would say that the vanilla flavor takes over and it at first has a Greek yogurt tang flavor to it before it gets to typical vanilla flavoring.  The cupcake flavor was at the end of each spoonful, but there wasn't a lot of it and it wasn't particularly strong.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This one is tough because this was such a semi-boring product.  The flavor was fine and somewhat tasty, so I guess for that reason I'll give it a BUY IT rating.  Nothing about this was fantastic in any way, but it was a nice and safe flavor that I certainly did not mind eating.  There's other options out there, so I'd suggest trying those first just to see if there's a better option out there.



  1. These are awesome. I love the Strawberry and the Strawberry Cheesecake the best, but I love the texture is so light and fluffy, I may never switch back to regular yogurt again! Also Light and Fit 80 Calorie whips are also wonderful

  2. The Light and Fit is made by Dannon and only 80 calories also a great choice and delicious.


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