Monday, March 2, 2015

Review: Kellogg's Special K Heavenly Caramel Brownies

Every time I write a new Kellogg's review, it seems like the introductory paragraph is always the same.  I harp on how Kellogg's continues to roll out products constantly and today's review is no different as they are rolling out ANOTHER new product that really is only a mild derivation from the products that they've put out before.  Still, this box of seven Kellogg's Special K Heavenly Caramel Brownies looked appealing enough that I was willing to pick them up on sale at Kroger for $2.49.  Not sure why they chose to put seven in a box instead of an even number like most products, but I can get down with the oddness I suppose.  Anyway, these brownies are quite tiny as they come in at a very small 0.7 ounces and pack only 80 calories and less than one gram of protein.

As with most Kellogg's Special K products, the packaging on the box kind of ruins the surprise and fun of imagining what these products look like based on their name.  One thing that the box does not do a good job of showing (unless you read the actual weight of the bars on the box) is how absolutely tiny these are.  If I had to venture a guess, I'd say these brownie square are no more than two inches by two inches.  They are also extremely thin, thus the 0.7 ounces for the total package.  That said, they were extremely soft and pliable, just like I'd hope for a brownie to be.  They also smelled strongly of chocolate, but not really much of caramel.  The caramel component was really in the form of caramel chips that were spread decently throughout.  The baked brownie portion of this was then topped with a chocolate icing to wrap up the entire small, but visually and aromatically appealing package.

My first bite was pretty much a continuation of my visual observation of this as I first noticed how soft, doughy and chewy this was and that was quite nice, being that this was supposed to be representing a brownie.  The second thing I noticed, from a texture standpoint, was that the chips did provide a slight pop, but melted quickly to cover the fibrous baked part of the brownie.  In terms of flavor, I can honestly say that this entire package was very sweet.  I generally enjoy things that are very sweet, so that was a good thing for me.  The sweetness includes richness from the chocolate icing and brownie and then some more sweetness from the caramel chips.  The caramel flavor got kind of lost in the shuffle of the chocolate flavor, but when wrapped together, this was entirely decadent.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If you are lukewarm on sweets, this might be too much for you (if you don't like sweets, obviously stay away).  If you are all about sweets, specifically brownies, then get all over this.  I certainly was and that earns this a huge BUY IT rating in my book.  I absolutely loved this and if I had one very minimal complaint, it's that I wish these were bigger because I wanted more without having to feel fat (mentally) and walk back to the cabinet to get a second one of these each time I had one.  Being that there's an odd number of these in the box for some unknown reason, that means that one of these brownie trips ended after only one and that made me sad because I so thoroughly enjoyed these and wanted more.  This was certainly a properly named product because these definitely heavenly.


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