Friday, January 30, 2015

Review: Chobani flip Salted Caramel Crunch Greek Yogurt

It must be new car season for the yogurt industry.  When I say new car season, I mean that it seems like many of the manufacturers are rolling out their new models (like cars) and infiltrating the stores with their new flavors.  Today's newest addition to the Chobani review catalog is one of those so-called new cars with this Chobani flip Salted Caramel Crunch Greek Yogurt that I picked up at Meijer for $1.29.  It's 5.3 ounces and comes in at 190 calories with twelve grams of protein.  As is par for the course with Chobani, it's also all natural.  It's also 1.5% milkfat if you care about that kind of thing at all.

Obviously since this is from their flip line of products, this is packaged in compartmentalized form with the Greek yogurt on the larger side and the add-ins on the smaller side.  Where this differs is that instead of plain Greek yogurt on one side, there is caramel Greek yogurt.  As you can see, it's a light tan in coloring and has a definite caramel smell.  Also of note is that it was very rigid, thus very thick and creamy.  On the flip side (smooth transition there, eh?), is the mix of add-ins, which as you can see, are led by a plethora of pretzel rods.  Also buried in with those pretzel rods are some small teardrop shaped chocolate chips and some very tiny praline pecans. It's quite a mix, but it is very pretzel heavy and I had to do some re-arranging and scattering just to see if I could find some chips and pecans to actually make the picture above.

Since this is split into two separate compartments, it's pretty easy to taste the ingredients individually first and that's what I did.  I first attacked the caramel Greek yogurt and I can think of only one word to describe it:  interesting.  It had dense caramel flavor, but was not sweet at all.  That caramel flavor mixed with the typical Greek yogurt flavor was a combination that I'm not quite fully sure how to describe.  It was certainly different though.  As for the mix-ins, they tasted pretty much how you'd expect pretzels, chocolate chips and caramel pecans to taste, although I will note that the pretzels were especially salty.  The final step was to then flip the mix-ins into the yogurt and what I got was an especially crunchy and creamy mix of various types of flavors.  It was primarily the interesting tasting caramel yogurt balancing itself out with the salty pretzels.  There were occasional pops of sweetness and quickly melting decadence from the pecans and chocolate chips, but those were only momentary bursts.  I will say that since the caramel Greek yogurt had such an interesting taste, it was a good thing that the salty and sweet components were in here because I could see myself tiring of flavor pretty quickly.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I think this one would have worked a little better if it was just plain Greek yogurt instead of caramel Greek yogurt because while the caramel was fine, it was just so strange that I'm not sure how I feel about it.  That said, this package as a whole gets a BUY IT rating from me because the mix-ins made this one fun to eat and pretty tasty.  They certainly get the MVP of this product, because without them, this may have been a loser.



  1. This flavor is pretty good. But Almond Coco Loco is delish!

  2. I want to buy a case of salted carmel

  3. This one was way too salty; did mine happen to have extra salt?

  4. They don't put nearly enough stuff for the yogurt side. I'd skip it and make my own.


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