Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Review: Yoplait Greek 100 Blackberry Pie Greek Yogurt

I've been eating so much Greek yogurt lately that I'm thinking about putting an "is" at the end of my last name or changing my first name to Aristotle or Plato or Odysseus or something Greek like that because I know feel like I am one of them.  Considering that I'm of German/Irish descent, that does seem kind of amusing to me.  So, as part of my goal of becoming Greek (or something like that), I picked up a container of this Yoplait Greek 100 Blackberry Pie Greek Yogurt at Kroger for $1.00.  It's a new flavor for Yoplait to add to my rapidly growing collection and as per usual, it's a 5.3 ounce single serving cup.  It's just 100 calories and has twelve grams of protein packed punch.  Yoplait also proudly displays on the container that this is two points on the Weight Watchers points scale.

Upon opening up this container, I was immediately met with a delightful smell of blackberry.  Upon closer examination, it was easy to see why as this entire container was littered with bits and seeds of blackberries and the yogurt itself was also of the purple blackberry-ish color, as if the blackberries had been pureed into the yogurt mix itself.  Now, the pie part of the name was missed out here as I really didn't see anything resembling a pie crust, but there was at least the blackberry portion that was present and very accounted for.

As I took my first spoonful, I was immediately met by everything that a blackberry entails.  It was sweet, tart, tangy and packed with flavor.  The Greek yogurt itself was creamy and for an added bonus, the bits of blackberry and its seeds mixed throughout the container added great texture to something that could have essentially been boring.  It didn't have a lot of Greek yogurt-type flavor as it was mostly just blackberry, but that is fine by me.  I'm still not quite sure how they call this "Pie" in the name unless they are saying that the texture of the mix-ins that they've put in equates to the interior filling of the namesake pie, but either way, they did a good job representing the filling of the pie within the contents of the Greek yogurt.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I'll admit that I liked this a lot because of the varying flavor profiles throughout and also for how well it represented blackberries.  For that reason, it easily gets a BUY IT rating. The fact that it's only 100 calories (i.e. thinner) and packs so much punch in such a small package is all that much more of a positive in my book.  My only complaint is that when I finished this is that I didn't have more of this on hand because I could have easily downed two or three more containers with no problems.


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