Monday, August 4, 2014

Review: Noosa Aussie-style Coconut Yoghurt

I'm not quite sure that there's been a product manufacturer that has had as positive of an introduction (those with more than one review) as Noosa has in previous reviews.  With that more than positive past performance under my belt (literally), I was anxious to see my local Kroger with another sale that allowed me to pick up another couple containers of their Aussie-style yoghurt.  First, I'll take a look at this 8.0 ounce container of Noosa Aussie-style Coconut Yoghurt that I grabbed at the sale price of $2.00.  The entire container is 300 calories and has fourteen grams of Aussie-style protein.

So, coconut is typically white and yogurt is typically white, so what you get when you open this container is (big surprise!):  WHITE!  Now, it's not just all creamy yogurt and that is good.  I expected some small coconut shards in here, but these shards were actually quite large and that was a wonderful surprise.  Those coconuts were also mixed in with what I'll probably erroneously refer to as their "milk", so that add a bit of liquidity to the creamy yogurt and coconut shards.  The only other real observation about this container that I can pass along is that it had a nice, mild smell of coconut emanating from it and I very much enjoyed that.

After my first spoonful, I could quite easily say that the smell was not the only thing that I enjoyed.  I enjoyed the creamy and milky yogurt, the delightfully sweet (helped along by the honey in the base yogurt flavor) and potent coconut flavor (but not overly strong) and also the texture that the coconut shards brought to this.  While the yogurt was definitely creamy and that's something that I enjoy, even I have to admit that sometimes gets boring when it is the only texture.  Having the large coconut shards in this one added some graininess and slight crunch to the spoonfuls where I mixed the components together.  It was not only fun, but it was also tasty.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I don't think I can say enough positive things about these Noosa products.  So far, they have all been winners and this is another that I can add to the BUY IT category.  Smooth, sweet and coconut-y.  It's really everything it promised and quite honestly, this was so tasty that I could almost say that it bordered on being dessert-like in terms of considering it a "healthy" alternative to a fatty ice cream.  It's not often that you can say that about a yogurt, but I can definitely say that about this YOGHURT.



  1. absolutely LOVE this stuff.....creamy and yummy. I thought Liberte coconut was my fave til I couldn't find it for too long so got this instead. Bye Liberte. So worth it. On sale At Safeway it it 2.39 tho....but also 8 OZ unlike other yogurts......

  2. Noosa yogurt in general is too sweet with too much sugar. This is unhealthy.


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