Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: Boundless Nutrition Oatmega Blueberry Pomegranate Bar

It's been a while since I've taken a look at an Oatmega bar.  This one has just been laying around waiting for me to review and I've been putting off doing it because, quite frankly, the combination kind of scared me.  I love blueberries, but I'm not particularly fond of the pomegranate flavor in a lot of cases, so I've been taking my time getting to doing a review of this Boundless Nutrition Oatmega Blueberry Pomegranate Bar.  Alas, I couldn't put it off forever, so that leads me to take a look at this bar that I picked up at Marsh for $2.99.  Each bar is 1.8 ounces with 190 calories and fourteen grams of protein.  It's all natural, made of whey protein and is high in Omega 3, so it's got all those delightful characteristics going for it.

As you can see above, this bar is a conglomeration of almond butter, whey crisps, oats and dried berries.  What surprised me was that these dried berries were not blueberries as I'd expected, but they were instead raisins.  Huh?  Turns out the blueberries and pomegranates were part of a superfood antioxidant blend (it included blueberries, pomegranates, green tea and lo han fruit extract).  That blend was obviously not visible and was just mixed in with the rest of the aforementioned blend of oats, berries, crisps and butter.  What this bar did have going for it was that it had a strong smell right out of the wrapper and that smell was a combination of both of the named flavors as I could clearly distinguish blueberries and pomegranates in that aroma.  It was also a sticky bar, but that can of course be inferred from the strong presence of almond butter that binds the bar together.

Taking my first bite provided me with a slightly different experience that I would have expected.  Almond butters tend to be essentially flavorless as I've found them, but in the case of this bar, this did have a noticeable nutty flavor that lingered a bit.  I didn't expect that, but despite not expecting it, I enjoyed it.  As for the rest of the bar, it did have some sweetness from the raisins, tartness from the blueberries and then what I'm going to call "zing" from the pomegranates at the end.  Had the almond butter not had the fairly potent flavor that I already mentioned, that mix of berry flavors might have been too much.  Instead, the almond butter did a good job of taming the bar and making sure the fruit components did not get out of control.  As far as texture was concerned, this was a mostly chewy bar with occasional bursts of crunch from the whey crisps that were spread throughout the mix.  One thing that also helped the texture was that the raisins did a nice job of preventing this bar from getting too dry.  It leaned toward the dry side, but it was mostly under control and provided a nice experience.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Like a lot of things in life where people talk themselves into being afraid of something when they really don't have any reason to be, this is what happened to me in the case of this bar.  As it turns out, I've got to say that I enjoyed this bar.  It wasn't spectacular, but it was tasty and I found myself enjoying every bite and that leads this to getting a BUY IT rating.  These Oatmega bars are sometimes hard to find, but if you do find them, I think it is a flavor that may be interesting to grab off the shelf.


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