Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Van's Natural Foods Mighty Good BBQ! Simply Awesome Baked Multigrain Chips

My run on Van's Natural Foods continues as my free sample parade leads me to another review of their multigrain chips with a look at another product with a "cute" marketing name with these Van's Natural Foods Mighty Good BBQ! Simply Awesome Baked Multigrain Chips.  Now, that name is being a bit presumptuous on two fronts, don't you think?  First, they claim that the chips are mighty good.  Then, they claim that they are simply awesome.  Also, don't you think that could be viewed as contradictory?  Are they mighty good or simply awesome?  To me, those are two different descriptions, but I take things too literal.  And yes, I've just wasted several sentences on something that is completely idiotic to discuss.  Anyway, this 5.5 ounce bag has about five servings of chips and each serving is 130 calories.

Like the last review, there's not a ton to say about these as they are just customary baked chips dusted with the appropriate seasonings.  In the case of these "simply awesome" chips, those seasonings include a mix of garlic, paprika, brown sugar and others that you would find in a traditional sweet and spicy barbecue rub.  The rub smelled just like I would expect a barbecue rub to expect in that I could smell the kick from the paprika and chili powders as it powered its way through my sinuses.

In terms of flavor, these chips had more kick than I would have expected.  Sure, I said that I could smell the kick in my sinuses, but things sometimes smell like they are going to have some kick but end up not having any kick quite often.  In the case of this chip, these delivered in with that smoky and spicy kick.  I would say it was similar to a Mesquite flavor.  The brown sugar in the "rub" also added a very subtle hint of sweetness to the thin and delicate chip.  I only had a few for the purposes of this tasting, but I could tell that if I add several serving sizes, I would be grasping for water because the kick in these definitely had some thirst-inducing qualities.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I won't go so far as to call these awesome or to call them mighty good, but I will say that they were quite good.  That's enough to qualify these as a BUY IT rating for me.  They are baked and all natural, which probably means they are more expensive than a Lay's or generic store brand baked barbecue chip, but if you are willing to pay for those healthy aspects of these, then I think you'll be pleased with the end result.


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