Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: Yoplait Blended Pineapple Greek Yogurt

So I've finally reached the end of my tropical fruit Greek yogurt purchase binge.  Thank goodness because I was starting to get bored of these flavors.  I've looked at several different manufacturers, but today's review adds to my Yoplait review catalog with this look at the single serving cup of Yoplait Blended Pineapple Greek Yogurt that I was able to pick up on sale at Kroger for $1.00.  Each cup is 140 calories and has eleven grams of protein.

As they name would imply, this is blended yogurt so the mix-in of the day (pineapple) is blended into the Greek yogurt.  What was surprising about this was that the pineapple chunks in the yogurt blend were fairly sizable.  I was expecting tiny and ground up bits of pineapple, but Yoplait really kept their size on par with this.  I certainly was pleasantly surprised by that (at least from a visual perspective).  As for the rest of the cup, it was a creamy Greek yogurt and smelled alternately of pineapple and that customer Greek yogurt smell.

As I said, the size of the pineapple chunks in this were surprising and interesting to me and they became more so after I took my first spoonful including a chunk and when I bit into one, the juice just kind of exploded throughout my mouth.  I certainly was not expecting something that juicy and it sort of made each spoonful that included a pineapple chunk kind of fun to eat.  It also added flavor as the sweetness and tang of the pineapple blended (like the product name tie-in?) well with the tartness of the creamy Greek yogurt.  It was certainly a different kind of taste, but it was different in a good way.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Like I said, this was a different kind of taste, but it is one that I enjoyed, so I'll give this a BUY IT rating.  Certainly not the best cup of yogurt I've ever had, but me giving this a positive rating says that this was probably pretty good because as I've professed on this blog several times, I am certainly not the world's biggest fan of pineapples considering that I dislike them more often than not.  Still, Yoplait did a fine enough job with this for me to put aside those pineapple prejudices and put out a product that I certainly did not mind eating.


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