Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review: Stonyfield Organic Caramel on the Bottom Greek Yogurt

As I was preparing to write a review, I was looking at my Stonyfield review archive and I realized that I haven't written a review of one of their products in over a year and a half.  I guess they haven't really released anything that piqued my interest in that time, which sort of surprised me.  Anyway, I had a coupon for a free product from Stonyfield on a recent trip to Kroger, so I picked up this container of Stonyfield Organic Caramel on the Bottom Greek Yogurt to try out.  The container itself is 5.3 ounces of Greek yogurt fun and has a respectable 130 calories and thirteen grams of protein.

I didn't pay too close of attention to the label prior to me opening this, so when I did, I was surprised that the caramel was on the bottom, despite the fact the label clearly stated it was.  Sometimes I'm not so bright or observant.  Anyway, for the purposes of my picture above, I stirred up that caramel so that it would reach the top of the creamy Greek yogurt.  Humorously, the caramel component of this reminded me of caramel goo that I'd get out of a syrup squeeze bottle at my local frozen yogurt shop.

Anyway, this one was about as basic as you can get.  The Greek yogurt was creamy, cooling and tasted like standard Greek yogurt, albeit with limited tartness.  The caramel itself was not particularly sweet and was honestly kind of a flat flavor.  It did taste like caramel, but it was only of limited flavor and not particularly interesting to.  When mixing everything together, I got a flavor that was just a step above acceptable.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't something that made me scream out in joy about how wonderful it was.  It was just a mix of slight burned caramel taste and slight Greek tartness.  That's about it.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Despite me saying it was only a step above acceptable, that don't necessarily mean that I would tell someone not to purchase it.  In fact, if you are looking for something to squelch a hunger pang and this was one of the options, it wouldn't be a bad choice to pick that one up.  For that tepid compliment, I give this a BUY IT rating.  That said, if you are looking for something caramel flavored that is delicious, it might perhaps be best to look elsewhere.


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