Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Ben & Jerry's Froyo Low-Fat Half Baked Frozen Yogurt

I think it has been a bit since I've done a Ben & Jerry's review and I guess I can think of today's review as kind of a re-review, except with a slightly different spin.  I previously reviewed the full ice cream version of this flavor, but today I'm looking at the low-fat version in this review of a pint of Ben & Jerry's Froyo Low-Fat Half Baked Frozen Yogurt that I picked up on sale at Meijer for $3.00.  Each pint contains the typical four half-cup servings and each serving clocks in at a semi-economical (for a dessert) 200 calorie load.

I always love letting Ben & Jerry's do the heavy lifting for me on describing their products since they take so much pride in their descriptions, so I'll just copy and paste this verbatim from their website:  "Chocolate & Vanilla Low Fat Frozen Yogurts with Fudgey Brownies & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough."  As you can see from the photo above, all of those things were definitely present in this pint and the brownie and cookie dough chunks had some admirable size to them as well.  The low fat frozen yogurt was particularly thin though, but I supposed I should expect that since this is not only yogurt, but it's also low fat.

I can't really say much about the flavor of this other than it tasted kind of like the original version with the key exception of the low-fat yogurt.  It was especially thin and even  more so that I would expect from a typical yogurt.  It did have chocolate and vanilla flavor, which was of course nice, but there was nothing particularly notable about it in terms of flavor.  The only notable thing about this yogurt is that after I ate about half the pint, I put it back in the freezer for the next night and when I went back, the yogurt had become rock hard and required thirty seconds in the microwave just to soften it up enough so that I could dig my spoon into it.  Just goes to show how thin this yogurt was and frankly, that was sort of unappealing.  Anyway, the cookie dough pieces and the fudgey brownie pieces were soft and chewy like Ben & Jerry's add-ins always are and had good flavor, but that was to be expected.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This one is a tough call.  I guess it was fine, but the hardness of the yogurt after re-freezing was kind of a turnoff.  I guess I shouldn't really consider that though and just talk about the flavor and considering that only, this gets a BUY IT rating.  There was nothing outstanding about this pint, but it was a solid performer, so for that it's worth picking up if you are looking for a lower calorie version of the real thing.



  1. you really need a third option for those times when you don't hate it, but wouldn't buy it again. How about 'One and Done'?

    1. Good thinking because I do run into that situation quite a bit.

    2. Well, "one and done" is kind of still "buy it" because he probably still recommends that you buy it, even if only once.


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