Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: Yoplait Blended Tangerine Greek Yogurt

Thinking back to the beginning of this blog, I hated Greek yogurt.  Over two years later, I actually kind of love it, so I especially love when I see that Yoplait is throwing out another flavor for me to add to their review collection.  This new Yoplait Blended Tangerine Greek Yogurt was picked up at Kroger on sale for $1.00 and each Greek yogurt cup is 5.3 ounces with 140 calories and 11 grams of protein.  It's also zero fat, so yippee!

As I ripped the lid off of this, took a look inside and then stirred it up, I immediately thought to myself that there's not a whole lot to look at here.  It's basic plain Greek yogurt with a tangerine twinge of citrus-like smell.  There a slight discoloration from the tangerine flavoring too, but this really is just a creamy Greek yogurt and that's about it.  Not very exciting, but presentation doesn't matter if the flavor is good, in my opinion.

Being that there wasn't a whole lot to the look of this product, there's not a lot to describe in flavor either.  What this ended up being was a standard Greek yogurt with a citrus-y aftertaste, which I honestly found quite appealing.  It was a mix between lemon and orange flavoring and it the tang and tartness did a good job of working hand-in-hand with the typically tart Greek yogurt.  The creaminess certainly helped too, so with the citrus flavoring and the cooling yogurt, this almost reminded me of a fresh summertime treat, which is just humorous for me to think about.

Buy It or Fly By It?  It's a basic flavor, but it's a good one.  The citrus flavor works so well with the yogurt flavor that it left me craving more after I finished it, so I give this a BUY IT rating.  It's a safe flavor and there is nothing wrong with that, so if you enjoy safety and citrus flavoring, you will enjoy this.


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