Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: YoCrunch Yopa! Vanilla with Dark Chocolate Pieces Greek Yogurt

I've touched on YoCrunch's products here on the blog before in reviews of their standard yogurt and also their Greek yogurt.  Spurred on by a $1.00 off coupon that I cut out of my Sunday paper (yes, I'm a loser), I picked up a four pack of this YoCrunch Yopa! Vanilla with Dark Chocolate Piecees Greek Yogurt at Marsh for $2.39 after the coupon.  Each cup in the container is 110 calories with the add-ins (80 calories without) and comes in at 3.5 ounces per cup.

I have to admit when I first grabbed this off the shelf, I was less than thrilled because I thought this would be a standard Greek yogurt with dark chocolate pieces (chips) as add-ins.  I should have paid closer attention because once I snapped this picture for a review, I realized that the Greek yogurt was actually vanilla flavored and carried a wonderful scent of that vanilla.  Outstanding and a welcome surprise to break up the potential boredom of this.  The rest of the container had the dark chocolate pieces in a separate compartment and when I dumped that compartment in with the yogurt, it looked like what you see above in that there were a fair amount of pieces, but not an overwhelming number that they'd over take the yogurt cup.  The smelled nicely of chocolate, which was nice because I don't really appreciate the smell of dark chocolate particularly much.  Before I dive into the flavor, I just have to point out the ingredient description from YoCrunch's website because it made me laugh:  "Vanilla Inside. Chocolate on top. Deliciousness throughout."  Very creative and kudos to YoCrunch on that one, although the fact that they referred to the pieces as chips

Anyway, time to jump into the flavor and I felt it would be appropriate to start with the exceptionally creamy Greek yogurt first and I'm glad I did because it was delicious.  There was no tartness or sourness like you sometimes get in Greek yogurt and it was in fact very vanilla and very tasty.  Honestly, the yogurt alone was worth the price of admission but the dark chocolate pieces just made it more fun with the added texture that they brought to the yogurt.  Their flavor was not quite full blast dark chocolate too, so I particularly enjoyed that as vanilla and chocolate are a classic and outstanding combo.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I've already said how much I enjoyed this, so it very clearly gets a BUY IT rating.  I would have never expected something so tasty to come out of such a basic formula, but I sure am glad it did because this made my line of thinking go from wondering why I was bothering to review something as simple as this to being exceptionally happy that I did go through the process of the review.


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  1. bought this today because of your review. it was tasty, but insanely sweet. holy cow!


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