Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: Yoplait Blended Strawberry Raspberry Greek Yogurt

I like the idea of these Yoplait Blended Greek yogurts that I've touched on in prior reviews.  The whole fruit on the bottom concept has always seemed bizarre to me.  I mean, you've got a fruit mix on the bottom of a cup and then a semi-gelatinous mix of yogurt on top and they manage not mix together.  I know that is obviously physically possible, but something about that just seems off to me.  So, with my review of this Yoplait Blended Strawberry Raspberry Greek Yogurt, I certainly will not be facing that problem.  I picked up this 5.3 ounce container of blended Greek yogurt at Kroger on sale for $1.00 and each container is 140 calories and has eleven grams of protein.

You can't see it all that well in my picture above, but the picture of this yogurt cup on the website identifies this flavor as Strawberry Raspberry and then has a fine print tagline below that says "with a blend of other fruits."  My day job is in marketing and there is no bigger (and funnier) marketing trick than to make any claim you want to, but then basically cover your back and say that it's not true by including fine print and/or disclaimer language.  Although there's no real fictitious statement being made on this container, just reminding me of that marketing trick amuses me.  Anyway, since this is blended yogurt, the Greek yogurt itself carries the coloring of white Greek yogurt mixed with a puree of red strawberries and raspberries, thus making a pinkish hued mix.  The mix also contained several moderate-sized chunks of strawberries and raspberries, so I at least knew there would be some components of the named flavor other than what is blended into the yogurt.  By the way, I checked the ingredient list for those other fruits and they include cherries and cranberries.

After my first spoonful, I can't say that there was anything surprising about how it tasted.  Of the two named fruits, the most prevalent flavor of was that of the strawberry and it was sweet, but not overly powerful.  The raspberry was essentially a no-show until the very end of each spoonful when there was a quick jab of raspberry tang that injected itself into the flavor profile just as quickly as it disappeared.  The other fruits in the fruit mix were no-shows, but since they weren't named in the first place, I can't say that there lack of prevalence was at all surprising.  The only other thing of note in this was that the small little chunks of strawberries did at least break up the texture of the moderately thin and loose yogurt.  As for the Greek portion of the package, I can't really say it was all that noticeable other than the fact that the yogurt itself was thicker than typical Yoplait yogurt, but not as thick of some of the other Greek yogurts out there on the market.  The flavor profile was incredibly weak and only carried a slight amount of tartness.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This entire cup of Greek yogurt was about what I expected and that's worthy of a BUY IT rating.  It had enough flavor to be appetizing and I really wouldn't expect anything less from either Yoplait or any sort of populist flavor combination like this one.  I wish the Greek "flavor" had been stronger and shown itself more, but the amount of flavor it showed was just fine if you are looking for a nice safe flavor that gives you the benefits of Greek yogurt.


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