Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: M&M's Ice Cream Cookies

I mostly stay away from reviewing "oldies but goodies" in the store because I just think that people will find the reviews to be boring and I at least try (or trick myself into believing) to post recent, relevant content on the blog.  That said, sometimes I just can't pass up buying an oldie but goodie and a lot of times that is helped along by having a sale paired with a coupon and that's the case of today's review of these M&M's Ice Cream Cookies that I picked up on sale for a box of six at Kroger for $2.99.  Each cookie sandwich is 4.0 fluid ounces and 204 calories.

I know that 4.0 fluid ounces probably doesn't mean anything typed out to you (I know it wouldn't to me), but just take my word on this one when I say that these sandwiches were surprisingly large and being that I love my gluttonous dessert treats to have some good size to them, I was delighted by that.  As for what these entail, it's pretty simple.  It's vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two regular old cookies that instead of chocolate chips, have mini-M&M's as the "chips".  The cookies were surprisingly soft considering this was a frozen product and honestly, that's about all there really is to say here.  Remember, sometimes oldies but goodies can be boring.

When I took my first bite, I was expecting something tasty, but not really all that wonderful.  I was wrong.  I cannot describe how much I enjoyed this cookie sandwich and honestly, I found it to be both addicting and wonderful.  The cookies themselves had that aforementioned softness going for them and they also had a strong flavor of vanilla and brown sugar, much like the delicious cookies my grandmother makes and have been addicted to my entire life.  The M&M's "chips" then brought some wonderful chocolate flavor to the table and since they were the candies and not actual chocolate chips, each candy pieces had a burst from the hard outer shell that brought a lot of needed crunch to the soft cookie.  The vanilla ice cream then just brought a cooling and melting component to the cookie sandwich that melted in my mouth as I made my way through.  Funny enough, the fact that the vanilla ice cream was melting with the cookies reminded me of dipping cookies in milk when I was a kid and any time I can reminisce about those fond childhood memories, I really do appreciate it.  Still, the breadwinner in this entire package that pushed it over into wonderful land was the strong presence of the brown sugar in the cookies.  It really did make the day.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I feel silly trying to sell or persuade someone to buy these in the store if you see them since they've been there so long, but I can't reiterate enough how much I truly enjoyed these and for that, they clearly get a humongous BUY IT rating.  Oldies are sometimes timeless and when they are, it's usually because they are goodies.  This one is a goodie and if you want to be pleasantly surprised by something that you may have just walked by in the past, grab this and I think you'll probably enjoy these as much as I did.

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  1. These are my favorite grocery store ice cream novelty.


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