Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Purely Decadent Dairy Free Turtle Trails Frozen Dessert

Sometimes sales will cause me to do crazy things.  For example, recent sales at Kroger have caused me to go on a dairy free dessert run and pick up several pints of frozen desserts that are made with soy milk.  Today's review is one of those sale splurge purchases as I picked up this pint of Purely Decadent Dairy Free Turtle Trails Frozen Dessert on sale for $3.00.  I guess I wasn't paying attention when I bought this, but after reviewing that linked website, I learned that this Purely Decadent product comes from the same manufacturer as some of the So Delicious products that I've reviewed on the blog previously.  Each pint contains the usual four half-cup servings and in this instance, it's a dairy-free 180 calories per serving.

When reading the product description of this pint on their website, I cracked up so instead of me boringly describing this for you, I'll let So Delicious do it for you:  "This one is close to our hearts. A gooey non-dairy caramel sauce and chocolate-coated praline pecans swimming in a sea of creamy vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert. Decadence has gone reptilian."  I love the commitment to the turtle name!  Although, I guess if you are trying to emulate ice cream in a dairy-free form, it's kind of necessary to have some sort of catchy tag to turn people on to your product.  As for how this was all composed in the pint, I'd say that they did it quite well.  There was a large presence of gooey non-dairy caramel spread throughout the pint and that was mixed with many chocolate covered praline pecans that were roughly the size of a marble.  I was very impressed by both of those aspects and honestly, I was anxious to dive in after that.

Before I even go into describing this, I'll just come out and say it immediately:  I was very pleasantly surprised by this and honestly, other than some hardening issues, I really could tell no difference between this non-dairy based frozen dessert and a regular dairy-based frozen dessert.  That said, I guess I should go ahead and break out the components individually.  First, I dug out one of the chocolate covered praline pecans and all I can say was that it was wonderful.  The exterior chocolate shell melted quickly in my mouth and the praline pecan provided some sugary crunch.  The caramel swirl, while non-dairy, tasted just like a regular caramel swirl in my mind, so the non-dairy part was a non-starter for me (I'm going to try to use "non-" about one hundred more times in this review).  It was gooey and sweet and worked well with the vanilla frozen dessert, which tasted guessed it...vanilla!  All of this wrapped together was a tasty and dare I say it, a purely decadent package.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Clearly this pint of non-dairy frozen dessert was modeled after the classic turtle sundae in the fact that it contained vanilla, caramel, chocolate and pecans and I can say without a doubt that this did not only a good job emulating that sundae, but also provided very good flavor as well.  This absolutely gets a BUY IT rating from me and if you are willing to get somewhat crazy and try out a dairy-free product on your own, this would be a solid choice.


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  1. This sounds awesome, great review got me craving some ice cream though :)


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