Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review: Chobani flip Strawberry Sunrise Greek Yogurt

I've got to admit, these Chobani flip Greek yogurt products have been pretty solid.  With those positive experiences, I was actually kind of excited to try out this Chobani flip Strawberry Sunrise Greek Yogurt that I picked up on sale at Kroger for $1.00 because I expected similar results.  This two-partition package contains 5.3 ounces of product and comes in at 160 calories with eleven grams of protein.  It's pretty obvious that by including oats as one of the two flavor components, Chobani has taken the fact that oats are typically eaten in the morning and used that as a segue to include Sunrise in the name.  I would typically make fun of that, but I kind of like the creativity.  I must be getting soft.

As with the other flip products this one is presented with the two flavor components in two separate containers with the hope that you'll mix them together to get the desired intent of the product.  In the case of this one, one side contains the faintly pink colored Greek yogurt, which was a bit looser than Chobani's typical Greek yogurts.  The mix also included some very small strawberry chunks and a very, very faint strawberry smell.  In the other partition are the oats, which in this case are honey oats.  That honey component made them a bit stickier than typical dry oats, but outside of that, it's just normal stuff.

Before dumping the oats into the yogurt, I first tasted the yogurt and I really did not taste any sort of strawberry flavor at all and that was disappointing.  All I really tasted was Greek yogurt tartness with an incredibly faint hint of strawberry.  Those tiny strawberry chunks added a little bit of texture difference to the yogurt, but no real additional flavor.  Speaking of texture difference, that's all the oats really did too because despite the fact that they were honey oats, they really had no flavor when mixed with the yogurt.  When this was all mixed together, it was just a grainy, semi-tart cup of essentially nothingness.

Buy It or Fly By It?  The best compliment I can think of for this was that the yogurt was cold and cold yogurt feels nice on your throat sometimes.  Outside of that, this was the definition of boring as it had no real discernible flavor and for that, it gets a FLY BY IT rating.  Granted, this wasn't awful and repulsive, but the fact that it was so boring gives in a negative connotation in my mind.  Perhaps you'll feel differently if you were to try this and I hope you do, but my opinion is that this is not worth the time.


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