Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review: Turkey Hill All Natural Butter Almond & Chocolate Ice Cream

In the past, I've touched on several Turkey Hill products but have only gone to the All Natural well once.  Seeing that this was on sale for what I deemed to be a semi-manageable price of $3.49, I decided to grab a 1.5 quart container of this Turkey Hill All Natural Butter Almond & Chocolate Ice Cream in a big sale event at Kroger.  Each container has twelve half-cup servings and each serving is 170 calories of all natural joy (or ice cream).

Being that this is from Turkey Hill's All Natural line, it is made with a limited amount of ingredients.  In this case, that count is six.  Those ingredients include cream, milk, sugar, butter-roasted almonds, cocoa and vanilla all mixed together to see the beauty you see pictured above.  Now, I'm not sure why vanilla is not in the name of the product since half the container is vanilla ice cream, but I guess that's really Turkey Hill's prerogative, eh?  One thing I was moderately disappointed in with this was the face that there were seemingly so few butter-roasted almonds included (that's a couple of them hidden beneath the vanilla in the picture above).  What was also interesting about those almonds was that they only seemed to be located in the vanilla side of the container.

So, there's not a whole lot to describe about this since it was just basically chocolate and vanilla ice creams mixed with nuts.  The ice creams themselves were especially fluffy, but there was nothing particularly notable about them.  The vanilla tasted like vanilla and the chocolate tasted like chocolate, albeit a flatter tasting chocolate.  The only thing worth discussing in this entire container was the butter-roasted almonds and I can honestly say that on the occasion that I encountered them, they were delicious.  The butter flavor was definitely prevalent and added a nice buttery and roasted crunch to those lucky spoonfuls that included them.  Unfortunately, like scratch-off lottery tickets, you can only be lucky occasionally.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Had this container had a lot of butter-roasted almonds, I would think a lot more highly of it than I do currently.  I mean, it's good enough to get a BUY IT rating, but if Turkey Hill really wanted to take this to the next level, they could add more nuts into this and that would make it a huge winner.  As it is now though, this one is just okay and qualifies as decent, so if you happen to grab this, you'll enjoy the almonds, but if yours ends up being like mine, you'll be left wanting more.



  1. Vanilla isn't in the name because it's an ingredient not the flavor. It's one half butter almond and one half chocolate. Butter almond is just the almond version of butter pecan.

  2. The Turkey Hill All Natural Butter Almond & Chocolate Ice Cream was my all time favorite ice cream. I can no longer find it in the Kroger stores in Metro Atlanta, particularly, Ellenwood, Ga. Why is that?

  3. Anon-found it at Toco Hills last week. It must be the season. Yes, it comes around this time every spring and lasts till summer. The briarcliff location has been limiting their Turkey Hill and am wondering if they will even have it. Yes, one of my favorite ice cream combos ever. Love the texture.


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