Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone Frozen Dairy Dessert

Sometimes its difficult to figure out if manufacturers get bored with their products and/or they just like to endlessly tinker with formulas as ways to introduce new products.  Previously, I had reviewed the Breyers Blasts Waffle Cone with Chocolatey Chips Frozen Dairy Dessert, but out of need to endlessly tinker or just come up with a way to introduce something as "new" when it is really just a slight alteration of the existing product, Breyers has recently put out this Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone Frozen Dairy Dessert.  I got this on sale at Kroger for $2.49 and it's 1.5 quarts and has twelve half-cup sized servings of frozen dairy dessert.  Each serving comes in at 130 calories, so it's a semi-reasonable caloric load as far as frozen desserts go.

As you can tell by comparing the two names of this pictured product and the product that I had previously reviewed, the key difference in the two is that this one is made up of a strawberry frozen dairy dessert base.  It was pinkish in color, like strawberry ice creams tend to be, and also carried a mild and pleasing strawberry smell.  That strawberry smell is helped along by the other key difference in this container and that's the presence of the almost jelly-like strawberry swirl that is spun throughout the container.  Outside of those two key differences, the only other difference, albeit minor, between the two products was that the former included "chocolatey" chips.  This does not as the only inclusions in here are the chocolate covered waffle cone pieces.

Much like the smell of the frozen dairy dessert, the taste was what I would strongly classify as pleasing.  It wasn't overly sweet and it wasn't bland was just nice strawberry flavor and I was particularly fond of that.  The strawberry swirl added that jelly-like mouthfeel to each spoonful that it was included in and also added a little additional punch of strawberry flavor to up the strength factor of that flavor.  The fudge covered waffle cone pieces were what you'd expect in terms of flavor as they mixed the typical waffle cone flavor with a mix of chocolate, just like the ice cream cones that I (and perhaps you) would eat as a child.  They also brought some nice crunch to each spoonful that broke up the strawberry flavoring of the frozen dairy dessert.  The chocolate sweetness that came along with those covered cone pieces, made this one both sweet and somewhat sinful (because of the chocolate).

Buy It or Fly By It?  I figured I'd be bored with this because it was just a re-hashing of an existing flavor.  What it didn't do was bring an almost summery and fresh flavor (from the strawberries, of course) to an old and reliable flavor combination.  For that, I would say that this flavor goes as far as to be considered fun and because of that, I give it a BUY IT rating.  While I didn't welcome this derivation at first, I certainly welcome it now and would encourage you to do the same if you see it pop up in your grocer's freezer case.


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