Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Thrive Chocolate Fudge Frozen Nutrition

I had never heard of Thrive in my life until one day when I was perusing the digital coupons app of Meijer.  I saw a digital coupon for their products, so I figured I'd "clip" the coupon and save it for my next trip to the store.  On that next trip, I finally found it in the ice cream aisle, which makes the product name of Thrive Chocolate Fudge Frozen Nutrition all that much more amusing to me.  Everyone knows this is ice cream (even their website), but why is it called frozen nutrition on the product packaging?  Odd.  Anyway, a two pack of these six ounce single serve cups ran the regular price of $3.99, but with  my digital coupon, I got this for $2.99.  Each cup is 250 calories and since this is frozen nutrition, I'll go ahead and list that it has nine grams of protein as well.  The packaging lists this as comparable to ENSURE and since ENSURE is just basically nutrition drinks, I guess the fact that this labeled as frozen nutrition begins to make sense.

When I opened this up, there wasn't much to look at other than the chocolate fudge ice cream (sorry, I can't call it frozen nutrition) and the ice crystals that my freezer bestowed upon these, as you can see above.  In terms of the smell, well, it smelled like chocolate.  It smelled like chocolate and looked like chocolate, so score!  Outside of that, there was nothing.

The taste of this was about as basic as the design.  It was just standard ice cream with chocolate fudge flavor.  The chocolate was not flat, nor was it rich or sweet, but it did taste like fudge (a bit denser than a typical chocolate bar).  The goal of course is to taste like the name of the product and Thrive hit it on this one.  I hate to be so brief, but that's all there really is to say in regards to the flavor of this.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This was a basic flavor that delivered like it said it would.  Nothing about this is particularly memorable in any way, but if you are looking for a "nutritious" ice cream, this would be a very viable option and that gives it a BUY IT rating.  There's still digital coupons for this on coupons.com and perhaps some of your local grocer's mobile apps, so if you see the coupon, do hesitate to clip it and try this out.


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