Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Fruttare Peach and Milk Frozen Fruit & Milk Dessert Bars

I can't say enough positive things about my previous Fruttare experiences.  Each time, I expected to go in and be bored by what I was eating and each time, I was left far from bored after I tried each bar out.  In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed each flavor and product line, so armed with another free product voucher, I grabbed this box of Fruttare Peach and Milk Frozen Fruit & Milk Dessert Bars off the shelf at my local Meijer and dove right in with high expectations.  Each box of these bars contains four separate bars and typically runs in the $4.00 range in my area.  Each bar is 2.7 fluid ounces and is 110 calories, so it's a fairly economical treat.

After having my first fruit & milk bar to kick off my Fruttare reviews, I kind of knew what to expect when unwrapping this one.  I expected a orange-ish colored bar to denote peach and I also expected a white-ish color as well to signify milk and that's what I got.  The smell of the peach in this bar was mild and pleasing and made me want to dive in.

What I didn't expect based on physical appearance was something that popped up after my first bite and that was peach chunks inside the bar.  When I first saw it, I was absolutely delighted as the peach chunks brought a sort of hard and crunchy chewiness to the unusually soft and creamy bar.  Even with the presence of those chunks, the peach flavor wasn't overwhelmingly powerful and frankly, I was more than fine with it.  It was mild, pleasant and worked unbelievably well with the milky flavor.  When combining those two flavor components with the textural creaminess of the bar, I got something that was absolutely addicting and wonderful

Buy It or Fly By It?  Addicting and wonderful lead to a BUY IT rating and that's what this bar gets.  I absolutely loved this bar and it met every single expectation that I had.  Peach flavored products often times end up being boring and pointless because they are too weak, but this bar achieved the perfect balance of having mild flavor and being far from boring.  I was so delighted by this bar that my gluttonous self immediately walked over to the freezer afterwards and devoured a second one in about 2.3 seconds.  That' show much I enjoyed these.  Fruttare continues to hit it out of the park with these flavors and now I'm anxious to try more.


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