Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Blue Bunny No Sugar Added Brownie Sundae Ice Cream

I've mentioned several times on the blog that I'm like an old maid when it comes to coupon clipping.  I'm not a nut about it like some of those people on those television shows, but I will say that I do legitimately enjoy finding coupons for products that I would typically buy (or consider buying) and then using those coupons at the store.  Blue Bunny products are one of those products that I don't typically buy, but when I see a coupon for them, I will buy them and that's led to a few reviews here.  Armed with another coupon on a recent trip to Walmart, I decided to grab a 1.75 quart container (two extra scoops!) of this Blue Bunny No Sugar Added Brownie Sundae Ice Cream for $2.75 after my coupon (normal price of $3.50).  There are fourteen scoops (servings) in a container and each serving is a half-cup and has 80 calories, so this one really is budget conscious on the calorie scale.  The ice cream is also fat free, so bonus!

As you can see in the picture above, this container is a base of no sugar added vanilla ice cream that is mixed with a fudge swirl and little brownie pieces.  The fudge swirl was nice a gooey like you would expect and the brownie pieces were dice-sized and moderately soft, which was nice.  They were spread intermittently throughout the container with a decent frequency and while I would have liked more of those brownie chunks, the number in there was sufficient.  As for the vanilla ice cream itself, it was typical vanilla, although I will point out that I found it to be creamier than I would have expected for a no sugar added product.  That was a nice added benefit.

I wish I could say there was some shocker to be found in the taste of this container of ice cream, but I really can't.  That said, everything in here tastes exactly as you would hope and expect that it would.  The vanilla ice cream had nice vanilla flavoring and its surprising creaminess made it quite enjoyable to eat.  The fudge ribbon had a nice gooey texture to it and again, it tasted just like you'd expect chocolate fudge to taste.  The brownie pieces had some nice soft chewiness and provided some solid chocolate flavor, so again, this one was as I expected and that was just fine.  When I mixed everything together, I got a nice mix of vanilla and chocolate with the addition of both some gooey and chewy textures.  It really was like eating a brownie sundae.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Nothing about this was bad and despite the fact that this was just a basic flavor combination, it delivered on that brownie sundae motif quite well, so it gets a BUY IT rating.  It's not going to re-define your world by any means, but it really doesn't need to as its flavor was more than enough to provide something pleasing to eat for dessert.  The fact that it is only 80 calories per serving is also quite a benefit as well because that means you won't feel nearly as guilty after eating it, but you will feel very satisfied.  I know that was the case with me.


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  1. I thought the ice cream had a really strong artificial sweetener taste that was off-putting to me, but overall it was OK.


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