Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Apple Cinnamon Cereal Bars

Sometimes I feel silly doing reviews like this one of products that have been in the market forever and are just the standard bearer of certain product lines.  As I've professed many times before though, I do want to be all-encompassing, so that leads me to another Kellogg's Nutri-Grain review with this review of the Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Apple Cinnamon Cereal Bars.  They handed this one out for free at work but I typically see a box of eight of these at the store on sale for around $3.50 or so.  Each bar is 1.3 ounces and has 120 calories and two grams of protein.  Apples and cinnamon are a wonderful flavor combination, so one would think this would be a hard bar to screw up.

As you can see above, this looks like a standard cereal bar, Kellogg's or no Kellogg's.  It has the soft and pliable exterior with the bread like smell and it has the interior of the fruit "jam" of choice, which in this case is obviously apples and cinnamon.  The exterior cereal portion of the bar is pretty standard stuff, although I did note that there was a visible amount of cinnamon seasoning in the exterior, which I did not expect, so I knew going in that I definitely was not going to get shorted on that cinnamon flavoring.  It's that additional cinnamon, along with the cinnamon in the "jam" that gave this bar a delightful smell of its named flavor combination.

What I got when I bit into this was pretty standard, yet very tasty, flavor.  The cereal portion of the bar tasted like any other cereal bar with a slight exception, and that was the aforementioned cinnamon spice that was in the cereal mix.  The interior "jam" had a delightful mix of sweet and heat with its potent, yet not overwhelming, mix of apples and cinnamon.  The interior was also quite gooey too, which is something that I did not expect at all as a lot of times in these cereal bars, the "jam" stays fairly rigid and consistent.  The fact that this was somewhat loose was actually kind of a nice change of pace.  When that jam was mixed together with the cereal bar portion of the bar, this really did taste like a bizarre-o apple pie and being that I'm an American and am pre-disposed to like apple pies, I very much liked that flavor.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This is one of Kelloggs' core flavors of Nutri-Grain bars for a's good.  Sure, these Nutri-Grain bars can be a bit expensive to buy when they are not on sale, but when they are on sale, they are definitely worth picking up because of their solid flavor.  For that, they obviously get a BUY IT rating.  There's nothing fancy about this, but things don't always need to be fancy...they just need to be good and this bar is that.


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