Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Skinny Cow Snickerdoodle Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches

Continuing my Skinny Cow binge, I picked up another one of their limited edition products for a review when I was at my local Marsh Supermarket.  This time, I'm taking a look at the Skinny Cow Snickerdoodle Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches that picked up at the sale price of $3.99, just like all the other products that you'll see this week.  This box has six sandwiches and each sandwich is four fluid ounces with 140 calories and scores a four on the Weight Watchers PointsPlus scale.  Snickerdoodles are an interesting cookie as they are a mix of cinnamon and oatmeal (a wonderful and classic combination), to me, so I was very curious to see how this would turn out in ice cream sandwich form.

As with yesterday's review and since I'm going to be lazy for all these Skinny Cow reviews (it's tough to describe something as simple as an ice cream sandwich anyway) and let their website do the description for me as it states this is a "Low fat cinnamon ice cream layered between two oatmeal cookie wafers. A homemade classic!"  So yep, that's what we've got here.  It's clearly cinnamon ice cream because you can see the cinnamon dust in the ice cream and it certainly has that faint smell as well.  The oatmeal cookies are also enclosing the ice cream as well.  I've noted before when describing their ice cream sandwiches, but I'll not it again here:  these things are large and that's impressive.

So large, in fact, that I almost had to unhinge my jaw in order to get it open large enough to fit in my mouth.  LOL, yeah, that's quite a mental image for you and I'm sure you appreciate it.  Anyway, the flavor was pretty mild.  The cinnamon ice cream was nice but not particularly "spicy" as cinnamon can be and the cookies themselves, which also had a hint of cinnamon, were doughy and mixed very well with the ice cream itself.  As with a lot of the Skinny Cow products, the flavor wasn't strong, but it was pleasing and I obviously enjoyed that.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Price is always a consideration with these Skinny Cow products, but I'll choose to ignore it in this instance and give this a BUY IT rating.  It's not a great product, but it is an interesting enough flavor that it's worth giving a shot.  Plus, since it's a limited edition, it's one that you'll have to pick up quickly before they take it out of the freezer case at your local store.


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  1. I just bought these and I really like them a lot. One of my favorite Skinny Cow products.

  2. I bought some last night and they're awesome! Doesn't taste like I'm giving up any flavors for it being a low calorie product.


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