Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Breyers Blasts! Birthday Blast Frozen Dairy Dessert

In general, I like the Breyers Blasts! line of products quite a bit and have had lots of success with them.  The Blasts! line is right up my alley as in most cases, I choose add-ins over overall flavor of the ice cream (or in this case, frozen dairy dessert).  Since Blasts! are all about add-ins, that makes them a big winner.  Seeing a new flavor in the freezer case at my local Kroger, along with a Breyers sale, I decided to pick up this 1.5 quart container of Breyers Blasts! Birthday Blast Frozen Dairy Dessert on sale for $2.99.  It's a fairly economical 130 calories per serving and it's twelve half-cup servings per container.

I opened up this container and what I saw was craziness.  Breyers rather sheepishly (in my opinion) describes this as "Cake Pieces And Rainbow Sprinkles In Cake Flavored Frozen Dairy Dessert" and I think they sell the sprinkles short because they were EVERYWHERE (my picture does not do it justice).  There were also a ton of yellow cake pieces as well, so the Blasts! tagline was definitely holding firm here.  As always, the cake pieces were hard at first, but crumbled easily when you put a little pressure on them.  I know I've seen it a million times, but I've always found that amazing when I open up frozen desserts.  My naivete and amusement aside, this one definitely smelled like a birthday cake too, so everything about the name and presentation of this flavor delivered.

As I took my first spoonful of the frozen dairy dessert first, I could definitely distinguish the cake flavored frozen dairy dessert as this one definitely resembled a yellow cake, albeit a sweet one.  Helping that sweetness and also adding a slight crunch to the frozen dairy dessert itself were the multitude of sprinkles.  As for the cake pieces themselves, they were absolutely delicious and just added more birthday cake feel to this as their hardness broke up into a soft, dare I say moist, piece of cake once it encountered the warmth of my mouth.  These cake pieces were also sweet, so when you mixed all of the flavor components together, what you got was something that was sweet, sweet, sweet.  It also tasted like a really cold birthday cake and for that, I have to commend Breyers.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Unless you are a grinch that doesn't like birthdays and/or birthday cake, you are going to like this Breyers representation of the celebratory treat.  For that reason alone, I give this a BUY IT rating.  It's incredible sweetness only makes it an occasional treat, much like a birthday cake is (like how I drew that parallel?), but it is a treat worth picking up if you want something to remind you of the real thing, albeit in frozen form.  All in all, it's another good addition to the Blasts! line by Breyers.



  1. I usually only so sugar free, but this might break me!

  2. I love birthday cake flavors but the cake pieces ruined it for me I had to pick them out which wasn't easy to do so this was disappointing and I hate the way the cake pieces taste!


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