Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: Yoplait Original Cherry Orchard Low Fat Frozen Yogurt

As I mentioned in my last Yoplait frozen yogurt review, I was a bit late to the party in starting to pick these up in the store, but I'm trying to make up for that not by picking them up and getting to reviewing them long after they've been introduced.  With that, I'm led to this Yoplait Original Cherry Orchard Low Fat Frozen Yogurt that I picked up on sale at Kroger for $2.99 for a one pint container.  Each pint contains four half-cup servings as usual and each serving is 120 calories, which to me, is nearly a freebie or at least has less guilt attached to devouring an entire pint in one sitting (which I did not do in this review, thankfully).  What made this even more appealing to me is that I'm a cherry fanatic dating back to childhood.  So much so that I consider the introduction of Cherry Coke to be one of the greatest days of my life (LOL) and I once also requested a cherry birthday cake when I was younger (I don't recommend's not good).  My favorite junk food was also the Hostess Cherry Pies that you could get at the convenience store, so yeah, I had a problem.  I've recovered now, somewhat, but I still do love cherries.

I wasn't expecting a whole lot of anything that would be considered super special when I opened this pint of frozen yogurt.  I was expecting a red/pink yogurt and a few tiny specks of cherry and when I originally opened the pint, that's what I got.  When I dug my spoon in, I did find something that surprised me...there were actually some solid sized dried cherry bits spread throughout the pint and one of those is captured in the photo above.  That was a welcome bonus to me and actually made this one a bit more fun to eat as it just wasn't one boring feel/texture for the entire pint.  As for the frozen yogurt itself, it had a wonderful smooth and pleasant cherry smell and in terms of it's texture, I would almost say that it was a stiffer version of mousse.  Not quite sorbet, not quite ice cream and not quite even regular frozen yogurt.  It kind of had a life/appearance of it's own.  Regardless, I wanted my cherry, so I dove in...

What I got was pretty much what I expected being that I've had cherry yogurt (not frozen) many, many times before in my life.  The cherry flavor was sweet and strong enough to announce itself, but not so strong that it made your teeth chatter.  The only difference, in my mind, between regular yogurt and this was that this was frozen and had that mousse-like texture as opposed to the milky and loose texture of a typical yogurt cup.  Outside of the frozen yogurt was those aforementioned cherry chunks and those were fun to encounter as I made my way through the pint because they turned something that was essentially a liquid into a product that required some chewing in order to make it through the container.  Also, they just added more cherry flavor and being that I've been a cherry fanatic dating back to childhood, I loved that.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This was a pleasing representation of a flavor that I have loved my entire life and I thoroughly enjoyed this, so it gets a BUY IT rating.  Sure, it's not the greatest representation of cherries that I've ever had (it would be too hard to pinpoint what is), but it is a very good representation of a wonderful flavor.  Pick it up if you are looking for something tasty, somewhat healthy and yet also not entirely crazy and I think you'll enjoy it too.


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