Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Sneaky Pete's Raspberry Beret Naturally Oatstanding Beverage

That Pete sure is sneaky.  In my last Sneaky Pete's beverage review, I went in with little or no expectations and I was shocked by how much I liked it.  Based on that performance, my second review of this Sneaky Pete's Raspberry Beret Naturally Oatstanding Beverage had high expectations heading in as the previous flavor set the bar pretty high and sometimes its tough to meet those again.  High expectations aside, I was still willing to give it a shot, so I picked this twelve ounce bottle up at Meijer again for $1.25 and the bottle is 40 calories with three grams of oat fiber, which is equivalent to a whole bowl of oatmeal.  Strange to equate a drink to oats, but that's how Sneaky Pete rolls.  This is also low sodium, heart healthy, all natural and is sweetened with Stevia.

Based on my prior review, I was expecting this to be watery once I poured it out and it was that.  What I was not expecting was the color.  Since this was raspberry flavored, I expected the liquid itself to be red like a raspberry.  Instead, it was the tan/yellowish color that the Apples Away flavor was.  That didn't creep me out or dissuade me in any way, but I did find it odd.  As for the liquid itself, it did have a mild berry smell, so looks aside, it did do a good job of representing a raspberry flavored drink in terms of its smell.

Since this did have the consistency of a glass of water, it went down smooth like a glass of water would.  In terms of its flavor, it was a mild berry flavor and I very much appreciated that.  The mildness and lack of potency could have been helped by the fact that this was so watery, but like I said, I appreciated that and did not mind it at all.  When I opened grabbed this out of the refrigerator prior to drinking, I was expecting a smooth, easy drinking beverage with mild flavor that would not make my teeth rattle or be overly sweet and that's exactly what I got.  The fact that it did a good job representing berry flavor was an added bonus.  Another added bonus was that there was no acidic or nasty aftertaste like a lot of the drinks I've consumed for reviews have had.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Sneaky Pete hit another homer on this one.  It's not as sweet or powerful as an actual berry juice, but it is flavorful enough that it provides a smooth alternative.  Plus, when it is all natural and not loaded up with all the sugars that store bought juices often have, it's an added (and healthy) bonus.  For that reason, this gets a BUY IT rating and Sneaky Pete becomes a player on this blog and both products I've tried to far have been quite tasty.


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  1. I received a free bottle of the raspberry beverage by Sneaky Pete and it was very good! I really like that it's all natural and has the same amount of fiber that is in a bowl of oatmeal. Since its not in stores yet I definitely will be ordering it from the website. I am all for healthy food and drinks and this one taste great!


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