Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: Yoplait Honey Caramel Low Fat Frozen Greek Yogurt

Last year, Yoplait started putting out frozen yogurts, both regular and Greek into the stores.  I've reviewed several Yoplait products but have been way behind the curve on these frozen ones, but I finally picked one up a pint of this Yoplait Honey Caramel Low Fat Frozen Greek Yogurt on a trip to my recent Walmart.  It says that it is new on the container, so while I've been late on the frozen yogurt products in general, maybe I'm not late on this flavor (of course, they could have not changed the packaging yet or this could be an old pint meaning that this one may have been out for a while).  Each pint contains the typical four half-cup servings and each serving is 130 calories.  Basically, that means you can eat an entire pint and not even feel all that guilty.  Okay, perhaps that's not recommended, but it is possible.

When I opened this up, I could immediately tell this was definitely Greek yogurt as I was met by that strong and tart Greek yogurt smell.  The tart smell was accented by a hint of sweet honey and while it was an interesting smell, it was definitely a pleasing one.  When I held the pint a little closer, I could smell the caramel as well and it had the smell of more of a burnt caramel instead of a sweet caramel and being that this already gets sweetness from honey flavored low fat frozen yogurt, it's probably good that the caramel swirl in here was not additionally sweet.  One thing I will say and you can see it in the picture above, is that I was disappointed by the amount of caramel.  I was hoping for more, but it was what it was.

Not that it should be surprising based on the strong smell, but that strong Greek yogurt taste definitely carried over to the frozen yogurt as well.  Being that was the intention, I'd consider that a good thing.  Now, while the taste was definitely there, it wasn't overly tart and that's a good thing because I sometimes find Greek yogurts to be too tart for their own good.  In this case, that was not a problem.  The rest of the yogurt itself, while somewhat thin tasting since it was low fat, had a nice mild hint of sweetness from the honey and when that mixed with the tartness of the Greek yogurt, it was a nice balance.  As for the caramel, it didn't bring a whole lot to the container.  It was an accent flavor, but wasn't overly strong and did not announce itself in any way.  Also, that caramel wasn't particularly gooey either and that was disappointing as I would have very much appreciated that.  It actually became kind of watery the more I got into the pint and I've never seen that before, Despite its watery characteristics, it did have some rich flavor but it was not overwhelmingly decadent in any fashion.  Still, it worked well with the honey flavored yogurt.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This isn't going to make you run the streets naked because it is so great, but this is a semi-interesting and appealing flavor that gets a BUY IT rating.  I've certainly had better products, but for something that is low fat and at least in the ballpark of being healthy, this is a good option.  The uniqueness of a frozen Greek yogurt (although that is quickly disappearing as there are more and more frozen Greek yogurt products each day) makes this one worth picking up if you are curious.



  1. You should try the Healthy Choice Dark Fudge frozen greek yogurt. Not sure its tht healthy but I think it tastes pretty good.

  2. Too bad Walmart has chosen to STOP carrying it in the pint size! I LOVE this as do others and because it is cheaper to purchase it by the pint than it is by the bars, they have taken the low road and only carry it in the expensive 4 bar pack!


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