Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review: Healthy Choice Premium Fudge Bar

I sometimes end up at my mom's house for dinner (just like yesterday's review) and after dinner, because of this blog, I've pre-programmed myself to always require dessert, kind of like a drug addict.  Since she's not an obsessive food review blogger, my mom isn't always stocked with the most exotic desserts.  On a recent visit though, she was stocked with a giant box of these Healthy Choice Premium Fudge Bars that she picked up at Costco (her favorite place in the world).  I don't typically just eat dessert bars as I prefer the exotic stuff that I've reviewed on this blog, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, so I figured that I'd give one of these a shot and also a review.  Not sure how many bars are in the box, but I'm sure since it is Costco, the amount of bars are somewhere around the number of one million per box.  Anyway, the one bar that I did have was three fluid ounces and 100 calories per bar.  This is also sugar free and low fat as well, so it is a healthier choice that hour typical frozen dessert bar.

When you take a look at this bar, there's not a whole lot too this.  It's "premium" fudge frozen onto a stick.  It looked like fudge, it smelled like fudge, so it was pretty much fudge.  That's it.  One thing of note that I found appealing was that it wasn't a rock hard kind of fudge and actually seemed pretty soft for a frozen treat.  One of the reasons while I've always stayed away from frozen bars is because they were kind of like Tootsie Pops and required forever to get through.  The effort was not worth the reward in my opinion.

Since this was a softer version of a frozen bar, it was pretty easy to bit into and I absolutely adored that.  What I also adored was that this was full of chocolate fudge flavor and to mock the name a bit, it really did taste like a premium.  The fudge wasn't particularly sweet, but it was thick and dense and that made it a lot like some of the fudges that I've had throughout my life (more often that I'd like to admit or remember).  Mix that wonderful fudge flavor with the fact that this was a soft frozen treat and it really was a winner.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I hate to get so gushy over just a simple frozen treat, but I enjoyed this so much that I give it a strong BUY IT rating.  I'm not sure if this is just one of those things that you can get at Costco in quantities of a thousand or if they have them in the regular stores (I've never actually looked), but if you do see a box and want a healthier dessert, you definitely can not go wrong by grabbing a box of these to enjoy.



  1. These are my absolute favorite treats! They come 18 to a box and we always keep them in the house. So glad you and your Mom enjoy them, too!

  2. haha. These taste too good to be low calorie. My family bought a box from Costco and we finished it in 4 days.

  3. These 'treats' are over processed and have so many chemicals; its not worth the 100 calories. Eat the real margarine vs butter

  4. been buying the healthy choice fudge bars for yrs. loved them! but there's a brand new box and recipe just out that's terrible!! really terrible! not creamy and no real taste. chemical on a stick now!

  5. I have been buying these fudge bars for years as well. The latest box had "Organic" but the same color theme so I didn't think to look at the label...They are terrible! The sugar more than doubled! As a pre-diabetic I have to watch that so I won't be buying these any more. They had less flavor as well...don't know where the "organic" came from???

  6. Replies
    1. No eggs or peanuts in the new organic variety that I'm looking at right now.

    2. I'm glad it wasn't just me! I just wrote to ConAgra foods, the company who makes Healthy Choice brand products. ConAgra really got it wrong with this new organic formula; hopefully the old style will still be available. I'm also writing to Costco to let them know how bad the new ones are. Here is what I sent to ConAgra: I used to buy the Healthy Choice no sugar added fudge bars at Costco - I loved the taste, texture, and the low calories. Also, they were high in protein and fiber, and low in sugar. I recently bought the new box of organic fudge bars, and I was happy to see that there was an organic option! I always choose organic if I can. However, what a disappointment! I've never experienced such a dramatic difference, and I really dislike the new bars. The texture is thick and chewy, the flavor is ordinary, and nutritionally they are worse for me than the old bars. 12 g of sugar, 1 g of fiber, 3 g of protein as compared with 4 g sugar, 5 g fiber and 4 g protein. This is the one product I will choose not to buy organic.


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