Saturday, December 22, 2012

Review: Larabar Uber Roasted Nut Roll Fruit & Nut Bar

While I haven't had a lot of success with Larabar products in general, I have had success with their Uber line of products.  With that, I've got to say that I was anxious to dig into this upcoming Uber product because everything about it sounded like a recipe for deliciousness to me.  So, that delicious sounding recipe for awesomeness (Uber) leads me to this review of the Larabar Uber Roasted Nut Roll Fruit & Nut Bar that I picked up at Kroger for $1.00.  It comes in at 1.42 ounces, is 220 calories and contains only five grams of protein.  For a product filled with nuts, that seems like a abnormally low amount of protein to me, but I'm no biochemist, so what the heck do I know?

The wrapper gives a sneak preview of what this bar looks like, but as we all know, sometimes packaging can be deceiving and you have to unwrap the product to find out the true appearance.  Happily, the difference between the packaging and the actual appearance of this product was negligible as this bar was overloaded with nuts just like the wrapper itself and being that mixed nuts are something that I LOVE but try to stay away from (I can't stop myself from eating them), I was abnormally giddy when I saw the amount and size of the nuts in this bar.  Included in the nut mix were almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, peanuts and pecans.  All of that was bound together by the typical syrup and also honey, which made it quite sticky when held in my hand.  According to the ingredient list, there was also dates sea salt in here too, but those were obviously not visible in my photo above or to the naked eye itself.

Biting into this bar gave me as much euphoria as the visual presentation did, which basically means that I was in heaven.  As you might expect, all the nuts made this bar extremely crunchy and the honey did an excellent job binding the nuts together and providing a slight sweetness to offset the saltiness of the nuts themselves and also of the sea salt, which could be tasted in the bar mix.  As far as the individual taste of the nuts, the roasted peanut taste was the most prevalent followed by the salty cashews.  Sadly, despite their enormous size, the almonds were a kind of hidden flavor and the pecans and macadamia nuts were pretty much only there for crunch as their flavor got lost in the entire package as well.  Still, the flavor of the peanuts and cashews more than made up for that and this truly was a mixed nut mix in bar form.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I already mentioned that I am in love with mixed nuts, so it should not come as any surprise that I am also in love with this Uber bar and give it an abnormally large BUY IT rating.  This was everything that I loved about mixed nuts with an added hint of honey sweetness mixed in.  It reminded me of a Planters nut bar and I've always found those to be exceptionally strong tasting as well.  Truly an awesome (Uber) product by Larabar.


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