Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: TCBY English Toffee Crunch Frozen Yogurt

I admit that I don't have a lot of memories of TCBY and its yogurt shops.  There was one in the rich person mall in the 1980s, but that location closed and then they disappeared for the longest time here in the Indianapolis area (at least according to my memory).  With the recent frozen yogurt craze that is taking over America, there's been a location or two pop up here locally, but they haven't taken over like some of the other chains have done.  One thing TCBY has done that the other chains have not done is introduce a grocery line of product and as I was meandering through Walmart recently looking for some dessert after my stop in the deli, I saw a pint of one of TCBY's new frozen yogurt grocery products with this TCBY English Toffee Crunch Frozen Yogurt that I picked up for $2.98.  As with all pints, it contains four half-cup servings and each serving is a semi-economical 150 calories per serving.

As a quick aside, everyone in my family loves toffee and my uncle usually brings a batch of fresh made toffee from one of his local sweets shops to our family Christmas every year that gets inhaled in about 3.9 seconds after he opens it.  So, with that heightened anticipation of seeing something that I loved, I cracked opened the pint of this TCBY attempt and was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of toffee mix-ins that were spread throughout the pint.  They were everywhere (my picture only does moderate justice to this) and there was also an unexpected butterscotch ribbon connecting all these toffee pieces that was mixed in with the lowfat vanilla yogurt.  I've got to say that on looks alone, this was pure artwork in my mind and TCBY gets exceptionally high marks for their visual presentation.  The yogurt was also moderately creamy which, considering it is a frozen yogurt, was also a huge bonus.  Frankly, based on looks and texture alone, my giddiness that I had prior to taking the lid off of this was amplified by about a factor of ten after I took a look what I was dealing with.

Once I took my first spoonful, my giddiness did not subside because this was delicious.  The vanilla frozen yogurt, while basic, was flavorful and added a nice semi-creamy feel to each spoonful.  The butterscotch and toffee mixed together had a nice, almost overly sweet bite to it, so that cooling vanilla yogurt balanced out well with that flavor.  Since crunch is obviously part of the product name of this flavor, the aforementioned toffee also delivered on that as it brought a nice crunch to each spoonful that contained a toffee piece and worked well to counteract the semi-creaminess of the frozen yogurt.  One thing that may affect some people on this is that the toffee and butterscotch mixtures are extremely rich and if you you are sensitive to that kind of thing, you might not find that appealing.  I, on the other hand, am not bothered by that in even the slightest bit, so I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This was incredibly delicious and I had to win a battle against myself to not finish the entire pint in one sitting, so this clearly gets a BUY IT rating as this gets major points on the awesome scale.  Even if I had finished the pint though, 600 calories total is not such a bad hit, but it's probably not one that I need to be taking at once.  With that said, if you enjoy semi-healthyish desserts and want something that is sweet, rich and isn't going to entirely destroy your waistline, then pick up a pint of this and enjoy.


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  1. I've been meaning to try this one but have been so backlogged with all the other flavors out there. I expected it to be awesome just because of the whole butterscotch inclusion. Now I definitely need to pick it up soon.


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