Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Magnum Mochaccino Ice Cream Bar

Magnum always pulls a fast one one me.  Just when I think I've reviewed all their products, a new one pops up in the store, so being the rube that I am, I go ahead and pick it up for a review.  That rube-ness is what leads me to this review of the new Magnum Mochaccino Ice Cream Bar that I picked up on sale at Meijer for $2.49.  Each box contains three ice cream bars and each individual bar comes in at 3.38 fluid ounces and has 250 calories per bar, so it's not a calorie killer, but it's also not a freebie either.  Also, I'm not the world's biggest fan of coffee flavored ice cream (I love coffee), but I'll try to not let that bias sway me going in.

As with all Magnum bars, this one comes with the special branded stick in the fancy gold wrapper and is covered in thick Belgian chocolate.  What differs with this bar, is that the interior ice cream in this base is mocha flavored, thus the name.  The ice cream itself is a faded brown color, but again, that's no surprise since mocha is the whole spiel with this.  One thing that did surprise me is that the ice cream did not have a strong smell of mocha, which I actually appreciated.  The reason why I've never taken much of a liking to coffee flavored ice creams is because they have too much of a coffee presence to them. The tame smell of this put Magnum off to a good start and I was anxious to dive in based on that.

The good start continue and while the ice cream did have a mocha taste, it was extremely faint.  In fact, I think a person would have to concentrate to figure out that this was actually mocha flavored ice cream.  After tasting this, I could have even fooled myself that this mocha was actually just a really odd chocolate. Strange.  The real winner with this bar, as always, was the thick and sweet Belgian chocolate.  There's a reason why Magnum is such a popular bar and has so many sales and it always revolves around the Belgian chocolate exterior shell.  It's delicious.

Buy It or Fly By It?  While the taste of the mocha was underwhelming compared to what I expected, I actually appreciated its tameness and that certainly helps contribute to a BUY IT rating.  Like I said though, the real winner is always the Belgian chocolate and you could wrap pretty much anything in that chocolate and I'd give it a buy it rating.  Now, get your mind out of the gutter after that statement and hit the stores to pick this one up if you see it!


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