Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Arctic Zero Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Dessert

So everyone knows that desserts and ice creams are not healthy but some companies try to make valiant attempts to make their desserts "healthier" and after having been told about Arctic Zero products in the past, I've been casually looking for them in my local stores to no avail...until recently.  Of course, had I used the product finder on their website, I would have found these a lot faster, but as we all know, I'm not particularly bright.  Anyway, I found several different flavors of their frozen dessert pints in one of my local Kroger stores and since my quest was finally fulfilled, I knew I had to grab a couple of flavors to try out, so I'll start with a review of this Arctic Zero Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Dessert that I picked up on sale for $4.99.  One of the miraculous things about Arctic Zero products is that they are only 150 calories per pint, so you can destroy a whole pint and not feel all that guilty about it.

Opening this up, all I saw was a big mass of chocolate frozen dessert and nothing else.  There was nothing caramel colored to emulate peanut butter or anything else that would try to make this at least have the appearance of peanut butter.  It was all dark brown for chocolate and that's it.  It was also kind of flaky, but once I let the pint sit for a little while, it became less flaky and had a slushy-like consistence.  Odd, but since there is no dairy in here, I can't say I'm overly surprised.  The dessert itself had a slight chocolate smell, but for the most part it was pretty basic.

That basic quality carried over to the taste as well since the dessert had some chocolate taste, but it was nothing to write home about.  It wasn't particularly sweet or particulary was just there.  As for peanut butter taste, there was nothing at all.  This was just chocolate and that's it.  Although, I will say that the chocolate taste did seem like it was a bit off, so perhaps that was the horribly lame attempt at peanut butter flavor?  I'm not sure it was, but regardless, I was not particularly pleased by this because I consider the peanut butter portion of this to be false advertising.  If you are going to advertise a flavor as being part of a mix, it's usually a good business idea to have that flavor be detectable.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I can say that I am 100% unimpressed by my first test of an Arctic Zero product, so this gets a FLY BY IT rating.  The chocolate flavor was basic and not even that good, to be honest.  There was no peanut butter flavor either and that was wholly disappointing.  This 150 calories per pint is an awesome idea, but it just didn't deliver with this flavor and at $4.99 per pint, I'd hope there'd be some sort of flavor involved.  Hopefully some of the other flavors will do the opposite.



  1. I actually rather enjoyed this. Sadly dairy and I have broken up in the last 3 months so my search for dairy free ice cream sometimes can be tough. This was the first non dairy ice cream I tried and I didn't think that it was all that bad. You are definitely correct with the weird flaky/slushy texture and I also agree that the peanut butter taste is rather mild. But as for a dairy alternative, it's not the worst I've tasted.

    1. Actually, it's misleading that Arctic Zero is "dairy free" because it really contains whey protein. Also, the ice cream was recently in the news for mislabeling their nutrition facts, it actually contains a lot more calories than 150 per pint.
      Learn about it here

    2. Interesting, but I'm not 100% sure I believe it.


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