Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: Skinny Cow Slimited Editions Double Chocolate Crumble Shake-Stirs Shake

I've spent several reviews trying to worship at the altar of the Skinny Cow.  Sometimes it is worthy of worship and other times, it is just plain deplorable.  Within the past year, Skinny Cow debuted its Slimited Editions line of products and wanting to try out another one of those products, I picked up this Skinny Cow Slimited Editions Double Chocolate Crumble Shake-Stirs Shake at Kroger basically for free since I had a coupon and it was also on sale for $1.00.  The shake itself requires that you add milk to it (the container just contains the ice cream and mix-ins base) and is 8.1 ounces pre-milk and 11 ounces post-milk.  Pre and post milk calories counts are 200 and 230.  For the purposes of this review, I decided to review only the ice cream and mix-in base as I'm pretty sure I already know what milk tastes like.  Actually, that's a fib...I didn't have any milk on hand and I wanted an ice cream treat, so I just decided to let it fly without.  In case you are interested, this one also is five points on the Weight Watchers Points Plus scale.

Being that this has double chocolate in the name, one would expect that there would be a lot of chocolate in this and that was definitely the case.  The base of the shake was Skinny Cow's low fat chocolate ice cream and then mixed into the base were a plethora of broken up pieces, or "crumbles" to be more of appropriate, of what was basically Oreo cookies. Basically, that was it, although I did let the ice cream melt a bit so that it I could stir it up and make it more closely resemble a shake.

Even without the milk, the melted ice cream did taste just like an Oreo shake that had a chocolate ice cream base.  The chocolate ice cream was richer than I would have expected for a low fat ice cream and that was quite nice.  It also had good, strong chocolate flavor and again, for a low fat chocolate ice cream, I did not expect that and the fact that it delivered that taste was also quite welcome.  The ample cookie crumbles added a nice textural crunch and tasted like you'd expect them to taste, so that's not worth spending a lot of time on.  Honestly, the ice cream in this shake was what was going to make or break this and the fact that the ice cream was tasty made this a good product.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Being that I found this to be a tasty product, it quite obviously gets a BUY IT rating.  At a regular price of around $1.50, it's not a particularly expensive product either, so Skinny Cow's Slimited Editions have got a winner here.  Nothing about this one is going to make you think you've found a diamond in the rough, but it will provide a pleasing and lower calorie dessert, should you so choose to try it out.


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