Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: SOYJOY Apple Walnut Baked Soy & Fruit Bar

It's funny how your entire perception of a product can change.  In the past, I was terrified of SOYJOY products.  In my reviews for this blog, I've found that I like their products and have been anxious to try out new flavors.  It's that urge that led me to pick up another flavor of their baked soy & fruit bars with this Apple Walnut version and give it a try for the blog.  I picked it up at Marsh for $1.00 and it comes it at 1.05 ounces with 140 calories and four grams of protein.

As you can see, it does not look much different than the rest of the SOYJOY bars in that since it is a baked bar, it carries that flaky pie crust-type appearance.  Within the bar, is a mix of large and plentiful walnut pieces and a variety of dried fruits.  Naturally, those fruits include dried apples, but also included are raisins and dried pineapple.  One surprising ingredient which I found after reading the wrapper was the presence of Parmesan cheese.  Huh?!  Well, I've heard that cheese goes well with apples, but since I've never tried that combination, I'll just have to go with it and think that is why SOYJOY included cheese in the mix with this bar.  Outside of that, the bar did have a strong smell of apples, so it was at least delivering on a visual and scent standpoint.

In terms of taste, it kind of missed.  The walnuts delivered crunch, of course, but the apples kind of missed out.  I could definitely tell they were apples, but what made it weird was that the apples had an aftertaste to them that I would almost classify as a banana flavor.  Not sure if that was because of the inclusion of the dried pineapples or what, but as a person that strongly dislikes bananas (and also pineapples), yet loves apples (I have one at lunch every day; gotta keep the doctor away), that was not a welcome addition and it completely ruined this bar for me.  The rest of the bar was as you'd expect with it being airy and flaky and having that baked type of mouthfeel, but I just couldn't get over the banana taste as I made my way through.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Personally, this gets a FLY BY IT rating because of what I felt was a banana-like taste.  Had that taste not been present, I probably would have enjoyed this bar because it includes some wonderful flavors, but it just got ruined for me.  If you like and/or can tolerate bananas and like SOYJOY bars, this one could very well be right up your alley.  To each their own though.

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