Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream

So here we are with my final review of my initial fat kid/bargain hunter Blue Bell purchase.  Disposing with the lame intro, I'll just hop right in with the product details and head straight for the review of this Dutch Chocolate ice cream pint.  For these detail purposes, I picked up this pint at Meijer for an absurd $1.67 and it contains the typical four servings to a pint with each serving equating to a quite tame 160 calories.

With something named Dutch Chocolate, you can't really expect to find anything inside the pint other than chocolate ice cream and shockingly (sarcasm intended), that's what I found here.  So, let's describe what Dutch Chocolate is as opposed to regular chocolate.  First, according to Blue Bell,  it's imported.  Well, duh.    As for what Dutch Chocolate it is, it's a milder version of chocolate that is treated with an alkalizing agent that makes it smoother and less harsh tasting that regular chocolate.  Okay, I guess I'll go along with that by saying that this chocolate did definitely not smell as strong as a typical chocolate ice cream and in terms of texture, it wasn't as chunk either.  It rolled off more like a soft serve ice cream than an actual pint of ice cream.

As for the taste, it was milder as well, but you could definitely tell it was chocolate.  It was semi-sweet and creamy and going along with the Dutch process part of this chocolate recipe, it definitely was smooth as well.  All in all,  it was a nice mix and honestly, it was so smooth that you could down an entire pint and not even realize it because you wouldn't know how much you were eating because of the smooth and mild tendencies.  Outside of that, there wasn't much else to say other than that I appreciated the fact that this was so flavorful and not just a boring chocolate ice cream.

Buy It or Fly By It?  BUY IT.  This is not a boring chocolate as, like I said, it is flavorful and smooth.  Also, at only 160 calories per serving, it's essentially a "healthy" ice cream as well and if you are going to down the whole pint at once (which you definitely could very easily), it's only 640 calories and that's not all that bad, especially when you compare it to the Ben & Jerry's and Haagen-Daz of the world that are over one thousand calories per pint.  If this is available in your area and you need a chocolate fix, pick this one up and you can't go wrong.



  1. I STRONGLY agree. Cannot stop eating it, dagnabbit!

    Thanks for the "scoop".

  2. I grew up on this ice cream. You won't find a true Texas that isn't in love with blue bell. It's part of our food pyramid. :)


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