Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Nostimo Blueberry 0% Fat Greek Yogurt

With my Nostimo reviews, I've had a hit and a miss and now it's time to see if the miss was a trend or just an outlier and because of this, I'm lead to review the Blueberry flavor of Nostimo's zero fat Greek  yogurt product line.  As I've mentioned before, Nostimo is a product of some non-descript conglomerate that sells the products but doesn't truly market them, so I have no way to link a website back to it.  That said, I can tell you the hard details of this Greek yogurt cup and those are as follows:  6.0 ounces, 140 calories and fourteen grams of protein.  As with the others, I picked this up at Marsh on sale as part of the "Greek of the Week" promotion for $1.00.

If you look closely enough at the container for this yogurt, you'll see that this product is another fruit on the bottom product and when I opened this and stirred it up, I was met with a plethora of average sized blueberries mixed in with a blueberry "jam".  Being that the blueberries were not bit-like and instead were whole blueberries, I was very impressed with where this cup was going out of the gate.  As I would expect based on my experience with the other Nostimo reviews, the yogurt itself was about as average as you can get.  It was thick like Greek yogurt is, but it did not have a discernible strong or tangy smell.

My first spoonful of this yogurt was met with a faint hint of blueberry sweetness and tang and that was nice.  It wasn't strong, but it was noticeable and was the prevalent flavor in the spoonful.  In my next spoonful, I tried to get only yogurt and it was essentially flavorless, but one thing it did have going for it was that it was exceptionally thick, creamy and heavy tasting, if that makes sense.  Combining that creaminess with a slight sweet tang coming from the blueberries and this was a pleasant, albeit not overwhelmingly strong, tasting product.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This wasn't particularly memorable of a product, but it was a nice, safe and tasty choice, so I give it a BUY IT rating.  It didn't knock my socks off positively or negatively, but sometimes safety in a product is a good way to go and this Nostimo Blueberry Greek yogurt definitely fits that bill.


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