Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Talenti Caribbean Coconut Gelato

Gelato is something I've come to later in life after wandering through the wilderness.  My first taste of gelato was a Talenti product and I've really only had Talenti and maybe only one other gelato manufacturer in my life.  Even with that limited experience, I can say that I like it as my previous Talenti reviews have proven.  With that positive past history, I'm ready to dive into another gelato review with this review of Talenti's Caribbean Coconut flavor.  Coconuts are another flavor that I've come to enjoy later in life after disliking it most of my life, so coconuts and gelato mixed together is kind of like the perfect merger of my "mature" tastes.  Not sure I feel comfortable referring to myself as mature, but I did pick this pint up at Meijer on sale for $3.50 and it's a relatively tame 190 calories per serving and as always, there's four servings per pint.

Obviously since Talenti uses clear containers, there's no huge reveal as to what the product looks like when you open a pint like there is with most dessert products, so that's kind of a let down.  What I will say about this pint was that the gelato itself was a bright, ghost white in color, just like you'd expect if you've ever seen the interior of a coconut (although my camera exposure makes it look off white).  Using the expression of "eating with our eyes" again, Talenti has done a solid job of creating the impression that you are eating a coconut itself.  The smell of the gelato also resembled the smell of a coconut as well, although it wasn't particularly overpowering.  It was mild and pleasant.

Mild and pleasant is the best way that I'd describe the taste as well.  This definitely had a sweet-ish coconut flavor, but it wasn't particularly overpowering.  You could definitely tell it was coconut (mixed with a little vanilla for bite), but nothing about it was overly sweet.  One thing that I did find as I made my way through this pint was quite a surprise and that was that there were little coconut shavings in here.  They weren't detectable by eye when I was first examining the pint, but as I had this in my mouth, you could definitely feel something in there that was not just smooth (and subsequently liquid) gelato.  Having those shavings in there was nice and a welcome addition because it did a fine job of breaking up the texture of everything and being that I'm an add-in guy when it comes to frozen desserts, anything that does that is a wonderful thing for me.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This isn't Talenti's most addicting flavor, but yet again, it is a very good flavor.  It's mild, pleasing and very appetizing and because of that, I give it a strong BUY IT rating.  If you like coconut or are ambivalent toward coconut, I think you'll like this pint.  If you somewhat dislike coconut, you might even find this appealing because the flavor is so mild and not of the metaphoric punch you in the face variety.  I know I'm glad I bought this one and it's certainly one that I would recommend purchasing in the future.



  1. I accidently found this Tallenti Carriabean coconut I do not ever need anymore. I bought one and we ate it, bought one today and I ate the whole thing in one about comfort food...but I'm a diabetic type II and I know I will have repercussions from this. How bad is gelato for I'm on a sugar high...going to drink some water yuk that will truly messs up my coconut self!

  2. My review is as follows......
    I am toasting coconut as we speak to actually find the flavor of coconut.

  3. I like the clear container

  4. I love Talenti! I am starting to appreciate coconut more too. Ive probably tried all the flavors, so what the heck, coconut (a few less calories is a plus). Omg, i love it. I wouldve prefered they strained out the coconut pieces though. Wouldnt this be good with a chocolate swirl or maybe a fruit swirl? Right now im trying to save the other half of the pint for later ;).

  5. Mann do I love this Gelato!!!!! BUT i would love it even more if they took out the coconut shavings. They really bothered me. Please please take out the coconut shavings and make this gelato smooth.


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