Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Breyers Blasts! Chips Ahoy! Frozen Dairy Dessert

Frozen dairy dessert...yum.  The red-headed step child of ice cream, frozen dairy dessert can sometimes still be tasty when done right and on a recent trip to my local Marsh, they had a half price sale where I was able to pick up this 1.5 quart container of Breyers Blasts! Chips Ahoy! Frozen Dairy Dessert for $3.00.  Not a bad deal, despite the fact that I was scared of the frozen dairy dessert label.  Still, I was willing to give it a try since it included Chips Ahoy! cookies and maybe part of me thought that eating this would transport me back to my childhood when I used to devour those cookies by the handful.  Just for the record, each container contains about twelve half cup servings and each serving is 140 calories, so the frozen dairy dessert part of this obviously makes healthier, I guess.

According to the front of the container, this frozen dairy dessert (it's getting annoying typing that as opposed to ice cream already) consists of a mix of "Chips Ahoy! Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolatey Chunks and a Fudge Swirl in Cookie Flavored Frozen Dairy Dessert."  Whew.  So, based on that, there should be a lot of cookies in here, right?  Well, much to my pleasure I can confirm that was the case.  There was also a lot of the fudge swirl and chocolate chunks, so in terms of blasting me with toppings as the product name would imply, Breyers has done an excellent job here.  As far as cookie flavored frozen dairy dessert is concerned, well, I'll have to take their word on that one because I'm not quite sure how to visually discern that other than it had a slight brown hue to part of it.

Based on the amount of cookies and chocolate chunks included in this, I was quite anxious for my first spoonful and after allowing the container to sit out and soften just a touch (for faster eating of course), I dug my spoon in and took my first bite and was struck by how grainy the cookies in this were.  I guess I expected them to be soft like a cookie dough, but instead they were crunchy, kind of like a stale cookie.  In terms of taste, they tasted just like the namesake cookie itself, so they didn't fail there.  In terms of the rest of the container, it was just pretty standard stuff.  The fudge swirl, while not entirely gooey, was malleable enough that it added a nice soft texture to each spoonful where it was present.  The chocolate chunks added a sweet and heart taste along with an additional crunch and while I still can't tell you what cookie flavored frozen dairy dessert it, I can say that it did have a faint hint of cookie taste to it, although it mainly tasted like plain vanilla frozen dairy dessert to me.  Outside of the hardness of the cookies, which I did not enjoy, my other complaint about this was that the frozen dairy dessert was especially thin and icy, almost like a frozen yogurt.  I understand that frozen dairy dessert is not going to be creamy like an ice cream, but I've certainly had versions that were less icy than this.  Oh well.

Buy It or Fly By It?  For me personally, I would FLY BY IT.  The cookies were nice and the amount of add-ins was definitely plentiful, but this flavor just did not work for me due to the iciness of the frozen dairy dessert.  I could have gotten over the crunchy and grainy cookies and could have grown to like them, but the characteristics of this particular frozen dairy dessert just made this something that I would not re-purchase.


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  1. Frozen dairy dessert is the devil.

    1. In most cases, I agree. The only thing I appreciate about it is that it does have fewer calories and since I'm always looking for easy ways to cut those, it definitely helps in that respect.

  2. I think you're dead wrong, this flavor is delightful and it's chips ahoy not cookie dough - it's supposed to be like a cookie!


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