Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Dannon Oikos Strawberry 0% Greek Yogurt

Cue the broken record, beat the dead horse or do whatever you need to do, because it is time to review another Dannon Oikos flavor.  This time, I'm looking at the most overrated fruit that there is and how it translates with Greek yogurt in this review of the Dannon Oikos Strawberry 0% Greek yogurt.  As with the others, I picked this one up at Marsh on sale for $1.00, it is 5.3 ounces, 120 calories (ten calories lower than all other flavors I've tried) and contains twelve grams of protein.

As you can see from the main product photo, this was is also of the Fruit on the Bottom variety, so as usual, I stirred it up to bring up some of the strawberry pieces from the bottom.  Opposite the other fruit on the bottom flavors that I've reviewed so far, I found the size of the fruit in this one to be quite depressing in this one.  The strawberry bits were small and miscolored and just had a drab and dreary look to them.  The strawberry "jam" that the strawberries were held in carried that drab color as well and if you wanted to make something that showed a bright red and vibrant color of strawberries, this would not be how you would do it.  The rest of the cup was as expected...thick and creamy Greek yogurt and that's about all their is too it.

The look of the strawberries carried over to the taste, because they were not special at all either.  They had a very faint sweetness, but overall, their taste was severely lacking.  In fact, it was barely even there and did nothing to help this yogurt out.  I've found that Dannon Oikos' Greek yogurt isn't as strong and tart as some of the other manufacturers, so the lack of strawberry flavor did not do anything to suppress or bring out the expected tartness of a Greek yogurt.  It was mildly tart with a very faint sweet back end, but all in all, this was basically a nothing flavor and a total waste of time.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This strawberry flavor gets the first FLY BY IT rating on a Dannon Oikos product as it really failed on all fronts.  Like I said, I think strawberries themselves are overrated (they are still good, but not worthy of the praise they get), but this did nothing to showcase the sweet and strong flavor you can get from a well produced strawberry product.  In fact, all this did yogurt cup did was mute the strawberry flavor with a poor presentation and I'm not sure that's what Dannon wanted.  Unfortunately, that's what they got.



  1. The only thing that pisses me off is they out 5.3 oz in about a 10 oz container.

  2. I actually don't agree with your review :P I freakin love this yogurt, it's the only greek yogurt I can stomach without shivering because of the tang. To be honest, I only like greek yogurt because of the high protein content and texture, not the popular tanginess to it. Yes, the strawberry bits are dull and the jam is a bit dull, but if you really work at stirring it for a few minutes (more like 90secs) it becomes a wonderful pink color, and it looks like pink whipped yogurt. I love the taste. The flavoring took away most of the bitterness (so I guess if you like bitterness, don't mix it). Overall I personally find it sweet with the best nutrition content that you will ever find (on yogurt). :)
    - an 18 year old health nut

  3. I love this yogurt! I am just wondering if it is GOOD for me?

  4. I just ate the strawberry banana flavor. I found it to be very lacking in taste. The other Greek yogurt starting with a C tastes better and is better quality.

  5. As a lover of Fage greek yogurt I gave the Dannon Oikos 0% blueberry flavor a try because it was on sale and I trusted the Dannon name. Wrong. It was nothing short of disgusting, inedible with a strong flavor of plastic. One bite and threw it out. Advice: pass it up!


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