Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra Ice Cream

With as many Ben & Jerry's reviews as I've done around here, I sometimes feel like a fat slob.   If you saw me, you'd know that I'm not, but I know this blog can give off that impression.  Anyway, this leads me to my next Ben & Jerry's review of their semi-perverted named Karamel Sutra flavor.  I picked this one up at Meijer on sale for $3.00.  The pint contains four servings as usual and measures out at 260 calores per serving, so that's at the lower end of the Ben & Jerry's calorie scale.

According to Ben & Jerry's, this one consists of a core of soft caramel encircled by chocolate and caramel ice creams with fudge chips mixed in.  Well, I can verify that all those are there, but honestly, I thought the ice cream was vanilla when I opened the pint.  It's not the normal brownish color of a caramel ice cream like you'd expect.  As for that, the soft caramel center was certainly very soft and very ample.  Funny thing is that when I opened the point, my first thought was it sorted reminded me of the Yin and Yang symbol because that's how this one looked when blended/swirled together.  The fudge chips, while present, were only slightly more than sparse throughout the pint, so that was slightly disappointing (you can sort of see one below the caramel swirl in the picture above).

In terms of taste of this ice cream, I can't say I was really impressed.  The caramel core was extremely sticky, gooey and plentiful, so that was nice, but outside of that, this was a really pedestrian pint of ice cream.  I wouldn't have known the caramel ice cream was caramel unless I read the pint and to be honest, I didn't even realize it was caramel until I typed this review.  It tasted like vanilla to me, so that just shows how faint the flavor was.  The chocolate ice cream, while definitely tasting of chocolate, was very faint and not all that impressive, which is pretty much standard for Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream.  I will say though that their chocolate ice cream is better than most chocolate ice creams, so they've at least got that going for them.  Anyway, the fudge chips were a nice little add-in crunch when you got them, but that really didn't happen all that often and it was very disappointing because the crunchy chips were a nice contrast to the soft, gooey caramel.

Buy It or Fly By It?  FLY BY IT.  While the caramel center in the middle is nice (and ample), the chocolate and vanilla ice creams are just boring.  This is one you'd only buy if you were truly a caramel addict and even then, there's got to be better options out there than this.  Regardless, it was a total letdown of something that could have been great with all the flavors that were mixed in on this one.



  1. This ice cream is very interesting just by its name. I wonder how it tastes like. My only fear when I eat too ice cream is that I have a very sensitive teeth. I even had dental implants in New York when I ate too much ice cream.

  2. Randomly came across your blog, searching for reviews of this ice cream.

    Had a bit of a read and just wanted to say well done on a refreshing/ entertaining food blog, & your story (weight loss)was inspirational to read about for sure.


    1. this ice cream will knock your socks off... in the best way possible. if you like caramel, you will LOVE karamel sutra... the only problem I have is I can't STOP eating it... x)

  3. karamel sutra is a gift from God... I respect your opinion and your blog, but when you're wrong, you're wrong... being a bit of an ice cream connoisseur myself, not to mention a fat kid at heart, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that karamel sutra is such a caramelly sweet, smooth and creamy, bona fide chocolatey experience that each bite, not to mention pint, borders on a religious event. people of the internet: do not let the above review steer you away from the heavenly rich and golden goodness that is karamel sutra.

  4. as a caramel addict, I must ask: what better options are out there? karamel sutra is the only ice cream that I have found with such an abundance of soft caramel, and the fact that it's a core of caramel is nice, because you can distribute the amount you want in each bite... although I have to admit that when I open it, I go straight for the center!
    I have read your other reviews, and have yet to read about anything that can stand up to the caramel goodness of KS... my 2nd favorite ice cream is haagen dazs dulce de leche, but even it doesn't have a fraction of the caramel in KS... plus, the chocolate and fudge chips (which there are plenty of, being as it's only 1/2 chocolate)! where can you get that in a caramel dessert? it's like 2 flavors for the price of one! yes, as I stated above, I am a fat kid at heart, and do think about such important things.
    also, you seem to contradict yourself:
    "The chocolate ice cream, while definitely tasting of chocolate, was very faint and not all that impressive, which is pretty much standard for Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream. I will say though that their chocolate ice cream is better than most chocolate ice creams, so they've at least got that going for them..."
    so, the chocolate tasted faint, but it's the better than most? hmmmmmm...
    and I defy you to do a side-by-side taste test and tell me that b&j's caramel ice cream tastes like vanilla! you do realize, that the cinnamon buns flavor, which you loved (and I bought last night based on your review) is also 100% caramel ice cream??
    neither KS or CB tastes like vanilla. for a food reviewer, you don't seem to have a very sensitive palate (in this case).
    I am a tall skinny girl (5'11", 128 lbs.) but have probably eaten more karamel sutra than ben OR jerry... so, of course, I had to stand strong and defend what I consider to be the greatest creation since ice cream itself...
    and, with all due respect, may I say...
    BUY IT, PEOPLE... BUY IT!! you won't regret it.
    heh... thanks, this has actually been really fun...
    and you do write great reviews (except this one)... x)

  5. Me & my sister both like Karamel Sutra, only because were fat slobs (just kidding) but we are caramel fans.

    Seriously the core is why we like it so much. Your right the ice cream could be a little bit more tastier but it says it comes from cows not treated with hormones so that's a good thing. This ice cream makes us smile and feel good. So we'll continue to buy it as long as Ben & Jerry continues to sell it.

    We prefer Edy's slow churned ice cream as far as flavor is concerned. Let's see your picture while eating the pint next time, that'd be very cute. Don't be shy crazy food dude! ;)

  6. imo this is the best ice cream ever made by bens and jerrys in europe. People, don't listen to the author - TRY IT!


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