Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review: Gorton's Tilapia Signature Grilled Fillets

I have mentioned on this blog before that I'm trying to train myself to like fish after many years of avoiding it at all costs.  I know training myself be eating frozen, pre-packaged fish that you cook in the oven is kind of a lame way of doing it, but for me, it's a low risk was to find out what kinds of fish I do and do not like.  Gorton's has a line of "healthy" grilled fish in their product catalog and being that I've already done some Gorton's reviews,  Being that it is now Lent (for those of you that celebrate it) and now's as good of a time as any, I'm continuing to make my way through their grilled product selections with these Tilapia Signature Grilled Fillets.  I picked up this box for $3.99 on sale (with a $1.00 off coupon) at Meijer and each box contains two fillets that check in at roughly 3.1 ounces per fillet.  Each fillet is a waist slimming 80 calories with fifteen grams of protein.

As always, here's what the fillets look like straight out of the box prior to cooking.  I've flipped one fillet over so that you can get an accurate representation of what the fillet looks like on each side.  The fillet on the left is the side with the "grill" marks that are pre-marked into the fillet and the fillet on the right shows the "classic blend of herbs & spices."  Looking at the ingredients, that "classic" blend consists of garlic, paprika, red bell pepper and salt.  When you take these out of the box, they don't have that foul fishy smell that turns off so many people, but instead have a nice garlic smell to them, which is nice.

Taking these out of the oven, I was very pleasantly surprised on how these looked and how that pre-cooked garlic smell carried over to the cook product.  Honestly, I was anxious to eat these and that rarely happens with any sort of seafood product.  When I put my fork into these, I was taken aback by how flaky and moist these were and was definitely a positive thing.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the non-overwhelming fish taste as well.  Sometimes when you are eating fish, the foul smell carries on over to the taste as well.  The lack of fish smell carried over to the taste as well here and being that I'm not quite a fish lover yet, I did very much appreciate that.  In fact, this was an incredibly nice tasting product and I thoroughly enjoyed eating it.  After I finished both fillets, the only thing that upset me was that there wasn't more of it because I enjoyed it that much.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I definitely have to give this a BUY IT rating.  Honestly, this is my favorite of all the Gorton's reviews that I've done so far and would recommend it to anyone.  If you too are looking for a "starter" product to use to work your way into seafood, this is a good one to start with.  The fish taste is not overwhelming at all and as crazy as this sounds, the taste of this fish is moderately close to chicken while still of course maintaining its fish qualities.  Don't know if that makes any sense to you readers out there, but it makes sense in my mind.  Anyway, give this a shot...I think you'll like it.



  1. This fish is super delish. I appreciate the fact that it has low sodium, and I wolfed it down without any regrets, except like you, I wished for more.

  2. It was disgusting. Maybe that's because I come from coastal New England and know what fish is supposed to taste like.
    If you think you are getting good fish oil, think again. A serving only contains 25mg of omega 3. That is not much compared to most other fish. That is because this stuff is farm raised and is fed corn instead of eating other fish and naturally occuring vegetation.

  3. Peter, why are you buying it then? and do New England fish taste different than Pacific?

  4. Peter, you have messed up taste buds. It was far from disgusting. Very pleased with this product!

  5. i agree with Peter. I rinse off the horrible seasonings ..
    hopefully the corn syrup,
    corn starch, Xanthan gum, prophyl gallate, etc. etc. are washed off
    as well. Squeezing a fresh lemon over the frozen block seems to help.

    Unfortunately New England's best is no where found in Ohio.

  6. I personally liked it, not loved it. But the only thing I hated was the smell coming from the oven. It was garlic, but it seemed to fishy, no pun

  7. I love the Gorton's Grilled Tilapia, but my wallet can't keep up with the price increases on it. I remember buying this for about $2.50 a box just a few years ago; now it goes for over $5.00 a box, or about $4.69, on sale. Delicious product, but Gorton's is raking in outrageous profit on each sale.

  8. Worst thing I ever put on my palate! If this is the definition of "REAL" fish... I cannot imagine what imitation fish taste like!! Just put your tongue in a jar of formaldehyde and call it a day!


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